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by Naomi
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I love her songs and her distinct voice

Barbra Streisand, a singer , an actress but more of a singer.
I love her voice and her songs play an important part of my life.

In one of the Musical Books that I wrote , I featured her song Somewhere as the winning piece of the grandfinalist , Naomi, the main character of the story.

I love to sing her songs too. There were many times in the past years when I was a part of the corporate world that in the Company's special events when I was the host of the proram and one of the break time of the program was for me to sing a song to the excited audience. I always sang Barbra Streisand's songs singing it with all my heart and soul.

In our Silver Wedding Anniversary, years ago also, my husband gave me a video of Barbra 's Concert and it was a gift that I considered very precious. It took me a few months to get over it as before we went to sleep I stayed at the Music Room played the Video and as she was singing I sang along with her.

There is something in her every song that I love . It could the highest notes that as I reached it my body curls and sways. Oh... I love the feeling of singing her songs.

Today, my husband called me as our grandson was watching a TV singing contest and one of the contestants was singing Evergreen, one of Barbra's songs.

My husband asked me : " Do you think she will win ?"
I replied " Yes ' First Prize ! "
She did win and is qualified for the next round. I wanted to tell the singer, if I had my way, hahahaha to let her
sing "Papa Can You Hear Me?" in the next competition. But...I have no way to tell her

Well, Until next week and I look forward to watch it and see as well as hear for myself her next piece.

A good book makes me happy and Music fascinates me. The songs of Barbra strengthens my weak body that is suffering from Neuralgia nowadays.
Thank You Lord for the Music, for the song of Barbra that made me forget for awhile that I am in physical pain.

Thank You LORD for Everything.
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