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To the Pain Gods for Weekly Poetry Challenge

To the Pain Gods

I have fibromyalgia
Chronic pain syndrome
Been in constant pain
Since 1996

It never goes away
I often call upon the pain gods
To send the pain away

Pain, go away
Pain, the pain goes away
Come again some other day
Quite haunting my every moment
Quit bothering me every single day

Pain, Pain, God of Pain,
What did I do to deserve such?
Devilish pain?

What did I do to you?
Oh God of Pain
Why are you punishing me?
Every single God damn day

Pain God Go away
I will not believe in you
If you do not believe in me

Do we have a deal?
God of Pain?

Or will you continue to afflict me
Every moment for the rest of my life
With this enervating pain

Pain, the pain goes away
Don’t come another day

I wish I might
I wish I could
Send you away
Forever and ever

Banish you to hell and beyond

Pain, the pain goes away
I will not believe in you anymore
Please stop the torture

I know that Zappa
Says the torture
Will never stop
But I know the truth

The truth may set us free
But nothing will drive this pain away

Pain goes away
Leave me be

I don’t deserve this,
I did not ask for it

Simply go to hell
My pain God

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia since a jogging accident when I broke my heal and to 14 operations after I developed an MDR staph infection back in 1996. most of the time it is barely tolerable other days pretty bad as I am a connoisseur of pain I think.

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