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by John
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The Defender plans his next move while resting from the attack by the government
Chapter Forty

A Test

         As the Defender flew away from the helicopter, he turned invisible. He didn't need any surprises or followers. He also didn't want them to see him go down to find where he was so he could get directions. He discovered, when the rockets and missiles were hitting him, they destroyed his phone so now he couldn't call anyone or use any of the applications available. He then realized he needed to get a change of clothes because he looked rather ragged. He decided he would have to fly home and get the clothes and get a temporary phone.

         He thought of an idea of how to find a home. He would fly high enough to see the country as if he was looking at a map and then fly toward where home should be. Of course, that is how he could find anything else, too. He decided to try flying high enough to see the country as a map.

         As he flew up, he discovered it wasn't as high up as he thought it would be. He got his bearings and then flew back down at an angle toward where he guesstimated his state would be. As he drew closer, he only had to make small adjustments. Soon, he was in his hometown and flying toward Misty's house.

         The garage door was open, so he flew right in, landed, and shut the door. Joe's truck was still parked inside. When he got in, he announced his arrival and was greeted by his granddaughters' enthusiastic greetings.

         "You're back. Where were you for so long? We saw you on TV and then you were gone until now. Did you get into trouble? Is that why all your clothes are ripped up?" Cindy asked.

         "You smell," Becca added after sniffing her grandpa, "you need a bath. I go get the bubble bath."

         Misty and Joe then came out and saw Matthew. "What happened to you, dad? Are you alright?"

         "He was hit by either grenades or other explosives, by the looks of his clothes. After you left the hospital, we lost track of you. Who did it this time?" Joe asked.

         "Interesting story, let me tell you all about it, starting with the hospital. Let's go sit down." Matthew filled them in on what happened to him after he got to the hospital.

         "When I landed, I found a spot where I could get comfortable and began to prepare. I initially thought I would gather some reserves and go into the hospital and do the healing from inside. I began to slowly gather the energy. When I thought I had enough, I opened my eyes and noticed there were two police helicopters circling me. I guess I panicked. Instead of going in, I reacted and placed both hands on the roof of the building and began pouring the healing energy into the building, thinking about healing all the people, and kids, inside. I just kept pushing and pushing the energy into the building. I soon realized I was reaching my limit. Instead of stopping, I thought of myself as becoming a conduit for the energy flowing through me. I had no idea if this would work. I felt my Third eye snap open and my power increased. The sounds of the helicopters decreased, the outside world began to fade away, and time seemed to stop."

         "I was simultaneously creating and transferring positive, healing energy toward the hospital and the suffering people within. I was not differentiating between adults and children. I somewhat had an idea of time passing but didn't care because the healing needed to be done."

         "As the last of the healing was completed within the hospital, I began to withdraw slowly. The green glow that had enveloped the hospital building began to slowly dissolve into nothingness. I ended up with the same pulsating green glow I began with."

         "It was at this time, I noticed the police helicopters were gone and approximately ten feet around me, a barricade had been erected and with heavily armored Army personnel with weapons drawn and aimed."

         "I didn't want to appear as hostile, so I slowly got up with my hands slightly raised and simply stated, "Hello". I was answered by several loud clicks of weapons being readied to be fired should I make any offensive moves."

         "I didn't know what I had done wrong, so I tried to explain what I just did. I advised of my healing of the sick children and did not do any harm to anyone. I then asked if I was being detained. One of the soldiers responded by stating I was to get on my knees with my hands behind my head and remain silent.

         "At this point, I began to feel the impact of the energy drain. I didn't want to be around anyone while I tried to recover, so I became a little abrupt with them. I took a few steps toward them after advising them their bullets would more likely ricochet off me and hit them instead then flew off. I didn't wait around to see what happened. I am not sure how high I went, but I knew I was traveling east fairly quickly. The only sound I heard was the wind blowing by my ears until I heard the sound of jets coming closer. The sound was very distinct. Very different from being on the ground. I stopped flying and hovering. In the distance, I saw two F-16 jets coming toward my location. They kept circling me. I am not sure it they were wondering what I was or trying to get a fix on me. They just stayed at a distance."

         "At this time, I began to descend. I spotted an open space that appeared to be away from any towns or cities, so I readied myself to land there. When I was just about to land, the jets did a fly-by and seemed to fly away toward the north. Within approximately fifteen minutes, I heard a group of helicopters in the distance coming my way. One appears to be a transport type with the other two Apache-type helicopters. I am unfamiliar with the modern helicopter names, know the makes by sight."

         "The bigger of the three helicopters was the only one that landed. Within minutes, an Army Officer disembarked with four combat-readied soldiers following. I assessed the situation as they were not yet certain of the type of threat I was, just that I was dangerous. The Apache helicopters were still trained on me and hovering; however, no one was manning the turrets."

         "At this time, the Army Officer began to tell me I am under arrest because I was in violation of the United States of America's air space without authorization, I was hostile against the Air Force, leaving the scene of a crime, and demonstrated 'overt criminal activities".

         "Well, I disagreed."

         "I was told there were snipers aimed at me plus the backup of the Apache helicopters. He also mentioned the jets I had seen earlier were circling miles away and could be called back for air support. He stated running was hopeless."

         "I advised the officer I would not be surrendering to him or the government. To go back to his transport, have his snipers shoot me, let your Apache helicopters try their best, and bring on the jets. After they've wasted their ammo, he better be a long way away because I would be coming for him to get answers. I was bluffing, but he just rubbed me the wrong way."

         The Officer visibly paled, turned around, and did his best to walk, not run, to the transport. The other soldiers quickly got in and then the transport took off, leaving the Apaches facing me.

         "I had no idea what they were going to do. I tuned out the noise the blades were making and tried to focus on just the voices. It took a bit, but I did manage to do it."

         'How long are we supposed to stay here?'

         'We are to wait to see if he attacks or chases after them.'

         'He is just staring at us. It is creeping me out'.

         "I began to hover a few feet above the ground and began to increase my healing powers."

         'That's it, he is making a hostile move! Fire all guns!.'

         "The incoming barrage of turret fire and rockets was beyond intense. I was being jerked back and forth, up and down, spun sideways, and thrown to the ground. When I tried to right myself, I felt what had to be the Apache rockets slamming into me. I felt each one. Over and over. For the first time since gaining these abilities, I was experiencing fear. I had no idea how much more I could take. I surprised myself by not being knocked unconscious."

         "It stopped as suddenly as it started. I had no idea which direction I was facing while lying on the ground. As I began to dig my way out, I no longer heard the sound of the helicopters. What I heard in the distance is what could only be described as rapidly approaching missiles. As I looked up, I saw one was about to hit my location. Then another, scattering pieces of debris everywhere. When the other two hit, I just became dazed. I didn't feel like I was being hurt beyond my ability to heal, just that I was getting incredibly tired."

         "My healing ability was totally depleted. If a feather came out of the sky and landed on me, I would have fallen down unconscious. I needed to rest, but would not risk doing it out in the open, I knew I needed to come home to do so. My arms, legs, and chest were all bruised from where the rockets and missiles had hit. I needed to leave. I tried turning invisible and discovered I could still do that. I then willed myself to fly. I could. I knew I could not reach the super speed I was used to flying when I was playing tag with the jets."

         "I was evidently flying faster than I thought because I soon came within visual of the transport helicopter. The two Apache helicopters were nowhere to be seen or heard. I decided to fly into the open transport and speak with the officer who ordered this."

         When I flew in, I immediately see the officer I wanted to speak with and hover over to float right in front of him before becoming visible."

         "'Is this a bad time?', I say to him, startling him out of comprehension. 'You are the Officer that threatened me and then had the Apaches and jets try and kill me.' pointing to myself, 'How did that work out for you?'"

         "I gave him my name, that I really am peaceful, and have been trying to be so this whole time. I told him I have proven this by healing a whole hospital of sick and terminally ill children. I asked if he had seen the news about it. I don't think he had because he just stared at me"

         Another soldier offered he saw something on the news about what I did. I was too upset at the officer to pay close attention but remember it had been on the news a lot."

         "When the officer finally said something, it was another threat. I didn't pay any attention and then left by stating I was either speaking to the President or the United Nations regarding offering my help and for him to stay out of my way."

         "So hopefully tomorrow, I will be going to the United Nations or meeting with the President. With clean clothes, that is. I am sure it will be an uphill battle, but I do not plan on battling anyone. I want them to see I come in peace, no matter what they throw at me."

         "Are your healing powers still gone?" Misty asked.

         "I have no idea. Let me tap into them and see if I can heal some of the minor bruises I still have."

         Matthew then began searching for some small bruises that he could not have healed before because he had been too tired. After searching, he discovered he could not find any.

         "Well, it appears I am healing them without effort. My chest still hurts, kind of, where the missile hit me, let's try a heal on that."

         Matthew places his right hand over his chest and focuses on healing the sore spot. To his relief, his healing glow appears and soon his chest no longer is bothering him.

         "That's good your body can do its own while recharging itself. It's good to know. You also answered some of the questions you started out wanting to know. One: you can fly faster than a jet and that's pretty fast. Two: you are very tough if you can withstand the cannons and rockets of an Apache and the missiles of two F-16s. No idea what type of missiles they fired, and we think there weren't any News cameras watching."

          "No, but I bet there were military cameras recording those events. Seeing what you would or could do. Watching for your response. Maybe your peaceful reactions will get you those meetings tomorrow."

         "I have no idea. But I will definitely be at the United Nations building tomorrow. I will sneak in and hover until I see an opening. With their cameras, I am sure to get noticed then."

         "Now. however, I am going to the lake for a bath and change of clothes. I am going to eat many pizzas and then sleep. I will have the pizza delivered to the park. Wait. I can't. It is tied to my card. I guess we will need to have a party here, again, and order lots of pizzas delivered."

         "Better yet," Joe began, "I will go to several places and pick some up there. They will not be the wiser regarding the number of pizzas I am getting. How long are you going to be?"

         "Give me about two hours. I am going to soak for a bit. Can't bring my clothes with me because what I carry doesn't become invisible. I will have to dress when I get back home in the garage." While we eat, I will see if there is still any news regarding the healing I did. Almost forgot, I need a replacement phone. Like one from the shopping centers, pay-as-you-go types. My old phone got blown up."

         "I'll stop and get you a no-frills flip phone and get you some minutes." Joe offered.

         With that, Matthew turned invisible, opened the garage door, and flew toward the lake.

         While flying, he began to think of what the soldier was telling him in the helicopter of people who were wondering about him. Was he an alien, angel, or mutant? From his meeting with the statute beings, he knew he was part alien and part human. A hybrid of sorts. How it happened was still confusing to him. He landed and began to clean himself.

         As he was soaking in the lake, he began to sort through all of his thoughts. It was a quiet evening, so there were very few people around the lake either walking around its shore or fishing from its banks. Matthew was also toward the center of the lake toward the mini-island.

         As time went by, he slowly began to believe he was chosen to be a protector of the planet and its people. A hero of sorts. He was placed here with these abilities to help others and show them that there is a Better Way.

         The problem was he was uncertain of what the Better Way was. With the United States, he would conform and enforce their ideals and thoughts as their agent to the world. The same would occur if he would choose the United Nations or another governing nation.

         He knew he did not want fame, monetary compensation, and especially notoriety for what he did. His help was not for sale and definitely not politically motivated to sway voters or public opinion. He wanted to help people regardless of stepping on toes because people needed help at that time, not when all the red tape had cleared or when everyone thought it would be a good idea.

         By the time two hours had elapsed, he was no closer to having a plan for the next day than when he started. He left the water and flew toward Misty's house.

         After they ate, he told Joe and Misty what he had thought about while at the lake. He advised he did not feel comfortable swearing allegiance to any one government because they would eventually make him into a weapon. He only wants to help people, save lives, make things better, and make positive changes.

         He decided to meet with the United Nations. While they try and assist all people, they have a presence in every country and have greater mobility to assist people. He knows there are negative aspects to assisting them but felt starting there first was his best opportunity.

         About this time, it was past 11:30 p.m. Cindy and Becca had long ago gone to bed, they were a huge pile of empty pizza boxes in two corners of the living room, and Matthew was needing to recharge. He told Joe and Misty he wouldn't leave in the morning until they talked and bade them good night. Joe went to his basement bedroom, Misty went to check on the girls and then went to her own room, and Matthew made sure the curtains were closed and heavy blankets were also covering the windows.

         As Matthew lay on the floor, he slowly began to levitate and pulsated a soft green glow and fell asleep.

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