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Just keep going, no matter what. It is in you; it is in all of us. Written May 3, 2020.
You will stumble down narrow craggy cliffs, you will bleed, and you will suffer bruises and wounds as you tumble down jagged stretches of the landscape. You will fall into deep ravines and you will drown in the depths of dark murky waters that seemingly have no end in sight, nor a bottom that can even be felt with the tips of your toes. You will be faced with coldness and uncertainty, and you will feel lost and alone, even while being surrounded with everything life has to present. You will simply exist at times and feel disconnected from the universe.

You will feel alone as you sit in rooms full of other people who seem to live and interact without noticing anything beyond their luminous bubbles. You will feel empty and lifeless as you stand outside amid the natural beauty and splendor that the energy of this planet has to share with all of us. You will experience this abysmal cycle over and over again as day becomes night, and night becomes day. It will repeat without end like waves continue to crash upon the shore and endlessly change the landscape. Each particle of sand like a separate string of reality that feels momentarily tangible to our seemingly insignificant lives.

These depressingly dark times can feel like some of the loneliest times in anyone's life. It is during these times you will feel as though you are lying naked and exposed in an inglorious heap of broken pieces; just thoughts and fragmented memories and emotions for the world to tear apart and pick through one by one. Examining the worth of each shard under their own personal and collective microscopes and then either discarding each one as rubbish or declaring there may still be some value worth saving. Worth holding onto so it can be pieced back together in some makeshift way.

But do not be afraid during these periods in life as it is often during the darkest times that we rediscover our own inner light or even discover a new light that we were previously unaware existed. There is always a way out of every prison, no matter who or what constructed it and no matter how full of despair it is. I believe that we all have it within ourselves to seek new ways of seeing without using our eyes as we learn to listen without using our ears.
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