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When you decide not to pay attention.
“Are you threatening me?”
I looked up from my book and listened. There was a mumble in response, a scuffle and then a thud.
“Hey!” I shouted, “Do I need to go in there and separate you two?”
Why did I agree to babysit?
Both kids where in their room, supposedly going to bed.
I heard Carrie and Tom say “sorry” one after the other. I rolled my eyes and attempted to return to my book. I moved around the couch trying to get comfortable.
You need the money. Just a few more hours. Besides, their eight and nine, maybe ten? How bad can it get…?
Another scuffle and then a whine. “Give it back!”
It was Carrie.
Was Tom messing with Carrie, again? I put the book down, beginning to feel exasperated.
This was supposed to be an easy job.
“Now what? Is everything okay over there?”
“Fine!” They both shouted in unison. Then there was silence. I sighed with annoyance and went back to my book.
After a few pages I realized that their silence should mean they had fallen asleep.
Maybe I should check? I shook my head and decided that everything was fine.
Then I heard a cat cry out in surprise. I looked around.
Since when did the Roberson’s get a cat?
I stood up from the couch and decided that now was the time to check on them. However, they were not in their room.
Where are they?
There was laughter outside in the backyard.
“You two better not be outside!” I shouted in annoyance.
They were there, Tom, with the water hose on, and Carrie, holding a wet orange cat.I was shaking my head in frustration.
Maybe I should have checked up on the kids a lot sooner…

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