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Poem about a people pleaser just trying to survive life
It seems all my life I am pulled in all directions
Stretched out and worn through time
Pieces chipped away and broken
I struggle to just survive

People seem to always use me
They tear away at my heart
You see I do for others
But never do they play the same part

Lost in my own emotions
I find it hard to give in
Constantly saying I will help them
Just to avoid the pain within

Making others happy
Is what I see as my purpose
But by doing so I set myself up
For nothing but sorrow and pain
You see most of the people I help
would never do the same

These friendships are one way streets
Where I do all the driving
I am the only one dying inside
They move on just thriving.

Many years of self neglect
As lead to my demise
All the over thinking
Has caused me to lose my mind

My heart is constantly broken
I am dead inside
So many false people
I can not even hide

Always doing the right thing
Even when I know they will not
Has me very broken
It has me tied in knots

Over time I am learning
That it is ok to just say no
That loving ones self
Is the safest way to go.

When you stop doing for the haters
And the ones that just use you over and over again
You start to gain life back
And you start to live from within.

Hold that head up high
Smile and start to feel alive
Because with this new attitude
You will always survive!
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