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Poem about seeing the worst in your reflection.
Mirror Mirror on the wall
You always show me who I am
Just a girl with lots of flaws
Never fitting in

Come here mirror you always show me
Who I should be
Always pointing out the secrets hidden deep inside
Those little insecurities behind the eyes

Reflections of my past
Appear as wrinkles on my face
Over weight dripping in shame
You are good at making me feel pain

Mirror you hold so much inside your glass
Images of broken hearts, tears, and memories meant to last
You show lots of pieces I wish could be fixed
Maybe some reshaping of the skin

You always show me the harshest reality
Even when others will lie
To cover up the emotions
And to stop the pain inside

Mirror I really hate you
I would rather knock you to the floor
but then I would just have a thousand little slivers
staring back at me and showing me more

The glass is unforgiving
It does not lie are hide facts
It keeps the emotions flowing
And never really takes anything back.

Like this mirror I am a reflection
Of all the things the world sees
But what is so devastating
Is I have started seeing it all in me!
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