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by John
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After he is advised he was given his powers by accident, he rethinks his life.
Chapter Forty-Six


          Feeling angry and dejected after leaving the UN, Matthew didn't know where to go. He didn't fly toward home because he was more than likely being tracked, so he just flew in wide circles, thinking. He thought he would end up finding a purpose, a reason he was given these powers. After a bit, he turned invisible and flew toward home.

         Searching for answers, Matthew decided to attempt to make contact with the large statue he had seen in the window before. He wasn't sure how he was going to do that but knew he had to try. With what had previously occurred, he felt he had no other option. He needed to know why he was given these powers and what was expected of him. He veered north a bit to find a secluded spot.

         He knew he wasn't followed because he had been invisible for quite some time. He had picked a location far from his home so it couldn't be traced back to where he lived and it was miles from the nearest homestead.

         He thought back to how he had made contact previously. He remembered the third eye just flared and a window-like opening appeared and there the statue was. Maybe it would work the same way again. Matthew thought about the window he saw the last time: its shape, color, and size. He also visualized seeing the statue within the window and the clarity of the sight. Within moments, he felt the sensation of the power buildup and the third eye opening and a beam of green light coming out and forming a window-like opening within five feet of him. It solidified and became solid looking. He drew closer to get a better look within.

         This time, instead of seeing only one statue, he saw two, the big statue and a smaller one. He noticed they were of different colors.

         The Defender saw the largest statue hold up his hand, palm forward. He recognized this from the last time he saw the statue and copied the gesture and nodded.

         "Who are you?" he asked, then pointed to himself announcing, "I am the Defender. De-fender."

         He waited for any recognition from the two statues. He was just about ready to try again when he was surprised by a telepathic message he received.

         De Fender, the big statue somehow stated, pointing toward him.

         While pointing at himself, the large statue sent another telepathic message, Old One. Old One, while pointing to himself. Then pointing to the smaller statue and announced Jaz. Jaz.

         The Defender again realized he was receiving telepathic communication as neither statue had a mouth, nose, or ears. How were these statues getting their information? As he pointed toward his ears, he then pointed toward his mouth. He then covered his mouth and then pointed toward his head.          

         After his mimed communications with the pair of statues, the Defender waited for some kind of response. While waiting, he noticed both statues were looking at each other. Except for the little eye expressions both were using, he could not tell if they were using telepathy to speak.

         When the statues traded places with the smaller one closest to him, the Defender's third eye opened and shot out two separate beams of green light to each of the statue's foreheads. While their third eyes were being touched by the green light, each one responded in a different color. The large statue's third eye turned gray in color and the small one's turned yellow.

         After the green beam of light faded, the Defender was left standing looking at the two statues. He suddenly heard talking.
         Young One, are you...Wait. The one the color of the Highest Peak of the Mountain can hear us!

         How can you tell? I am not projecting any thoughts. I was going to try and use a stronger form of telepathy but did not have the opportunity. Are you certain it can hear us?          

         "My name is Defender," he started, "Wait, I just heard you in my head. How is that possible?"

         The larger statue addressed the smaller one, "It appears our conversations can be heard by the creature. We will need to increase our barriers to avoid any further thought sharing."

         The Defender interrupted, "What are barriers? And what don't you want me to hear or know?"

         "Did you increase your barriers, Young One? I thought I did, but it still hears us."

         "My name is Defender, not 'Creature' or 'It'. And why are you trying to hide your thoughts? Aren't you supposed to Come in Peace or something?"

         Increase your barriers to as high as you can. That should effectively stop all conversations from the De-Fender."

         The smallest statue spoke, and I did increase my barriers to their highest level. I can still hear the crea. . I can still hear what is being sent.

         "Why don't you two talk normally? Well, you have no mouths, so it can't be normal. But make sense of what you are saying. What are the barriers you keep talking about? Why shouldn't I be able to hear you? Where are you from and how can we make contact? I don't understand any of this."

         Young One, I, too, can still hear the De-Fender in my thoughts. De-Fender has easily bypassed the barriers I placed. They were strong enough to block an Elder using much of the Collective as a source of Essence.

         Have you tried reading De-Fender's thoughts? Surely, he could not block you, Old One.

         "OK, that's it. I am standing right here in front of you and you both are acting as though, I am an inferior being. It seems to me that if you can't read my thoughts but I can read yours, you both are inferior."

         The one called the Old One opened its third eye and began to concentrate. Gray light began to glow slightly within the eye. As soon as the Young One saw this, her third eye opened and began to glow yellow. The Defender saw this and thought about opening his third eye. He didn't know how, but he imagined his eye being brighter and stronger.

         With those thoughts, his third eye opened and showed a bright green glow. When this happened, the other two's third eyes closed. The Defender did not know what this meant but it couldn't be very good.

         What have you done? exclaimed the Old One, you have closed our third eyes without our consent? Never has this happened in the known history of our race. How did you do it being a non-Hydranousian? Where did you acquire this power?

         I guess from you. You did this.

         The Old One gruffly responded, Besides the few occasions I have met you through the Viewing Window, I have never seen or met you before. What about you, Young One, have you ever met the De-Fender?

         No. This is the first time I have met this individual. Being so strange, I am sure I would have remembered.

         The Defender, with his third eye still glowing, spoke up. "I can clearly remember you like it was yesterday. It was when..."

         Excuse me. What is 'Yesterday'? We have no such word in our language.

         The Defender took a deep breath and answered, "I guess the definition of yesterday would be the day before today. Now, as I was saying..."

         What is today? Is it the day after yesterday? the Young One asked.

         "Yes, I mean no. Today is, well today. The present. The day before tomorrow."

         Are you referring to the passage of time? We do understand that concept. What brings about your passage of time? Do you have Esuoms and Relffs?'

         "I don't know what Esuoms and Relffs are. Days, weeks, years? For years, it takes my planet, Earth, three hundred sixty-five days to circle our sun once."

         The small one answered, Wait, I understand your information about time better. Your year is based on your planet's rotation around its only sun. If you had two suns, as we do, your year, or cycle as we call it, would be increased."

         As the Young One stated, the word "years" is not in our vocabulary. We call your years 'Cycles'. The amount of time that takes our planet, Hydranous, to go around both our suns, Retpmoc and Tana. There are one hundred earth years in one complete Hydranous cycle.

         "This is all interesting to you, but I want to get it straight about when I first saw you. It was about eight months ago when an opening appeared in front of me while I was in a park. I saw you there by yourself with your third eye-thing glowing bright grey. It was at that instant that the window began to glow brighter and looked like it might explode. I was going to get out of the window's way when three very bright colors, yellow, blue, and green shot out. There also appeared to be a distortion coming out. The distortion was like what you see on a very hot day when looking down a road. The colored lights and distortion hit me as one, throwing me back into a tree. I saw you there in that window as I began to fall unconscious."

         What are yellow, blue, and green? Are they more passages of time? inquired the smaller one.

         "No, they are colors. Colors are all around us. The color green is the color of the grass. That is what I am standing on, green grass. Here, let me pull some up and show you." The Defender bent down and grabbed a handful of grass and held it toward the window."

         Oh, you are talking about the Sound of the Suns.

         "Sound of the Suns? You're telling me your suns make noise? That's bizarre."

         "Yellow is easy. Yellow is the color of the Young One over there," pointing to Jaz.

         That is indeed easy to recognize. Her color is the Smell of Silence.

         "The smell of silence? I am getting the impression your people use other senses with describing something. Like what does the Smell of Silence smell like? Are you saying the Young One has a smell? Is it a good smell or a bad one?"

         She has no smell I can detect. She..."

         The Defender cut off the Old One, "You don't have a nose. How can you smell anything? For that matter, you have no mouth, either. How do you eat? Do you eat? I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe I don't want to know how you eat with no mouth."

         "Let's just move on to the last color you wanted to know about, blue. Blue is the color of our sky during the daytime when there are no clouds. Do you have a word for the sky? The thing above us?"

         "Yes, we do. It is called the Crystal Root. It is the color of your sun, Crystal Root."

         "The color of our sun is not Crystal Root. It is a red-orange color. Where do you come up with these names?"

         I would think our ancestors used these names and they have stuck because no other name seems suited for what was being named.

         "What? Even with a direct link to you, it is still hard to follow what you are saying. I know, just imagine your sky in detail and picture it in your head."

         The Defender concentrated hard to picture what was in the Old One and Young One's minds. He saw a desolate landscape with no visible vegetation. He saw the sandy tan-looking ground and then saw the sky. There was no blue. it was as he guessed, the red-orange color of his sun. He saw the two suns of their world. One was a bright red and the other was an even brighter yellow. He thought it was interesting.

         The Defender then offered to show them his world. "Ok, I am now going to show you my world and the colors." He began to imagine what daylight would bring in with all the colors. He remembers the green, yellows, blues, purples, red, white, and a myriad of other colors. He then thought of a cloudless sky. How there are different tints and hues of blue as you go up or down in the sky. He then began thinking of clouds.

         What are those? We have no word or knowledge of these floating objects or their color. Your planet has a lot of this unknown color. When we were examining your planet out of curiosity, we saw this color is dominant. We had no idea it does not touch the ground. Very intriguing.

         "They are called clouds. They are all over the planet. The color of them is white. If you were looking from space, you would have also seen snow, which is also white. Snow is on both poles, the North Pole and the South Poles. It can also be seen elsewhere in the world. The blue you would have seen is from the oceans, lakes, and rivers."

         So, the oceans, lakes, rivers, and smaller amounts of this blue substance are what we call The Vision of Forever.

         "The Vision of Forever is what your people call the color blue. I guess I can understand that one. Makes sense."

         The Young One approached the window and asked, May I ask another question? From what I was told, you had a third leg. They saw you walking on it. And you were smaller, much smaller. Do people on your planet grow after being injured? How amazing." Asked the Young One.

         "Third leg? I have never had a third leg. I used a cane to walk on but never had a third leg. Was it thin and brown? If it was, it could have been my cane."

         The larger one asked, A cane? What is it used for? Replace an appendage? Also, what is brown?

         "Brown is brown, I guess. It is just a color. It is the same color as your rock body."

         Oh, I see. Brown is the same color as the Hole of a MeeBee.

         "What on Earth is a Me-Be?" The Defender asked incredulously.

         Well, a MeeBee is much smaller than you. It would not come up to one of your mid-lower appendages. They are not known to be sentient. However, no one has studied them lately. I guess many of the desert dwellers could be sentient beings, given the opportunity.

         What do you mean given the opportunity Old One? asked the Young One.

         Oh, nothing, just contemplating. As the Old One was remembering Eternity and the Tras. He then remembered his thoughts were not behind any barriers and quickly looked toward the De Fender.

         "I saw what you did. You are a monster. You should have stayed in that prison."

         The Supreme High One quickly looked at the Young One to see if she heard what the Defender had stated. If she did, she did not show it. He then looked back at the Defender and stated, I admit I have made mistakes. But what I have done, I truly believed I was helping. You have never made a mistake you regretted?

         What mistake are you referring to, Old One? asked the Young One, You have never shared a story where you regretted doing something.

         "Before you begin telling her what happened, I want to know one thing. Why did you give me this body and powers? Was it to give Earth a protector? Did you pick me because I was handicapped and you felt sorry for me? Why?"

         We are scholars. We observe different planets, realms, and realities. On one such viewing, we were looking at your planet. While viewing the inhabitants, an individual intrigued us. You. The target of our inquiry had three legs, though one was much smaller and connected to the upper appendage. We now know it was your cane, a device used to aid your mobility. Your body was bent and did not move as fast as the other inhabitants, even though it had three legs. A collective thought occurred that you were an inflicted one, soon to be One with the Planet."

         While we were looking through the window, a sudden gasp occurred from half of the population present. I was controlling the window and suddenly felt a great wrong was occurring. Then a giant power surge hit me. I have never felt such an enormous surge of power before or after that day. My thoughts and control were almost gone, all I felt was the power flowing through me toward the Viewing Window. Then an idea flowed from another Hydranousian. The Power Crystals can help. With much effort, I brought up the crystals and pointed them at the window. Three blinding lights shot out and through the crystals and toward the window. The restraining frame began to glow.          

         Then half of our people disappeared.

         As I helplessly watched, I saw the erasure of the Hydranousians who disappeared. I did not understand what force caused this. I knew it was powerful, more powerful than all of the Hydranousians.

         I remember channeling all the raw power and holding the crystals firmly. I do remember seeing the power crash through the Viewing Window and crash into you. Then, the power destroyed the window.

         The Defender was quiet for several minutes. He was processing what he was told. He knew it was the truth as the Supreme High One knew it.

         "What you just said was I am a mistake? There is no grand reason I was given these powers?" The Defender questions the reality of why this has happened to him, his family, his friends, and his planet.

         I am afraid not I can not answer that question, said the Supreme High One, as I stated, we are scholars and were examining you as you because you were different. What happened was something we had never experienced before or could control, that we knew of. If we knew something like this could occur, we would not have created the Viewing Window.

         "That is all well and good for you. How does it help me?"

         I do not think you are hearing what I said. Half of our population ceased to exist! Gone forever without a trace. I witnessed this. No one else remembers who is gone.

         While the Old One was talking, the Defender was not listening. He remembers everything that has happened and everything that he has lost. He remembers everything his friend has gone through. While not all bad, he did have to start over and give up everything. He thought of his family and everything they have been through and still are going through. Their loss. He remembers those who lost their lives on the count of him. What does he do next?

         "I need time to think about this. This window needs closed. We may never see each other again. I don't know. I can't go into hiding and I can go nowhere without drawing a crowd or being the cause of someone's death. However, my place is by my family and that is where I intend to be."

         With that, the Defender walked out of the Viewing Window which promptly winked out.

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