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by Dad
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The prompt on WdC was to name something I was happy with. Here's my answer.
Something I'm simply happy with.

1) Mom. My life partner since 1985, the long suffering paragon of virtue she is.

2) Grandma. That in 2022, I can still call my mom, which I do every day.

3) Grandpa. He crossed The Rainbow Bridge in 2020, and I still miss my Daddy. Yet I know he is out of pain now and in a much better place, and I cannot be sad.

4) Son. How can a father not be happy with his children? Especially when this particular father's handle is Dad.

5) Daughter-in-law. How could Son's life partner not cause happiness? Especially when she presents this particular father-in-law with ... well, see number 6.

6) Grandson and Granddaughter. My grandchildren. Nuff said.

7) Protege. I've never mentioned Protege on-site before, but she is a great source of pride.

8) The various other young people, and the not-so-young-any-more people Mom and I have mentored and fostered over the years for the lives they are now living.

9) My faith in the Lord God Almighty. He doesn't promise a smooth flight, He just offers a safe landing.

10) Baseball. What? You expected something more philosophical? Watch a baseball game. Ballet on grass. One of the few places a person can be totally for the self while being a complete team player. There! There's you philosophy
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