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The mind can be a dark place, leading to depression you can't seem to escape.
Some people think depression is not
a disease...it is, and sometimes it
can have you falling to your knees

Praying, crying, out of control...your
insides screaming, “I can’t take these
horrible feelings anymore

The mind is a dark place to live in, telling
you nothing but lies...making you feel like
you are a disgrace in God’s eyes

You keep telling yourself, this can’t be what
God intended...praying, what seems like
twenty times a day, you start to wonder if
your soul can ever be mended

One day you think you’re healed, then
out of nowhere it hits you like a rock...
throwing you back into your head where
there is nothing but dark thoughts

Never feeling quite right...your mind
telling you, you’re tainted, you’re nothing
that you'll be alone for the rest of your life

People around you have shown you nothing
less...so you continue to believe these harsh
whispers, leaving you in emotional distress

Trying to keep faith
feeling there must be a way, but also knowing
depression is real...a disease hard to overcome
for so many today
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