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by Blank
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|TwinTea Century ch2| When somebody isn’t as easily read, finding yourself pulled Closer
I haven’t realized it
Slowly like a creeping ivy
You walk by
I can’t remove my eyes
Surrounded with mystery
I can’t quite solve
Hidden beneath mountains
I can’t seem to climb
Slowly I creep closer
Filled with questions
Why can’t I see you?
How do you hide?
Your brambly thorns scare me away
Why do I run?
Hidden so well, so closed away
I cannot pry in
The farther I reach the more I see
I barely scaled a hill.
More I begin to crave, why?
I pull away from the shadows
To reach to you
I see more of you now
Like a sweet chrysanthemum
Surrounded by mountains
Whenever I see you
I cannot think
Somehow, the shadows seem less safe
Usually I see flowers easily
How come you were better at hiding?
And yet I still search
Some way, I feel safer by you.
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