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Aliens Stay for Thanksgiving Dinner For Writer's Cramp

Aliens Stay for Thanksgiving Dinner Writers’ Cramp

One day on thanksgiving morning
Space aliens from Jupiter arrived
Landed in front of Sam Adams door
They knocked on the door

Explained they were from Jupiter
And had so many questions about humans
Sam told them well it was a special day
Thanksgiving day

And the aliens were welcomed to stay
For a traditional thanksgiving feast
The aliens accepted the invitation
Fascinated by the cooking

And eating the turkey
A bird they had never seen before
Over dinner the aliens talked about
Their homeland

And the reason for their visit
They wanted to warn humanity
That they knew that climate change
Could end humanity’s reign

And the aliens were sympathetic
For they had fled to Europa
After they destroyed Venus
Due to climate change
Millions of years ago.

New Prompt: Aliens from Jupiter arrive in your village, right in time for Thanksgiving dinner. They knock at your door. What happens next?
Make your genre Science Fiction.

Poem: maximum 40 lines.
Stories: 1000 words maximum.

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