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God’s House is all-knowing - His followers seek love, salvation, and peace - a poem.
An amalgam of heavenly, beautiful,
And tragic claims;
Righteous bodies stationed above
The indigent transformation
Of healthy mergers -
A beastly rhetoric bears the congenital fruits;
And a supplanted series mocks
The uniform strata with official evil…

Exotic, explicit mentions
Of an overlooked remembrance
Catapult the closure with rudimentary manners -
Their bat-twisted blows rollick
And blister the white and red stitched sphere
With modern aptitude;
Cold assurances produce a lack of accountability;
An accelerated, teasing fling
Shall befall the edge-seeking, speed-changing,
Deceptively ranging throws
Toward an ultimately desired
And decimated home location…
Fires once lit extend for a few batters,
Then become vanquished,
If the talent on the staff of arms
Is clued in to the heroic challenge…
Chalk and coaching is forever shown to profit
From not gazing in the mirror -
A plus is certainly a minus, as well,
For the length of the battle…

God is mightier than a glorified stadium
Full of lightening-quick fans;
The mission of humanity
Spills into the spirited and gated clarity -
Peace of mind drills part and parcel
Through the gaveled import of educated
And fearful collections;
And love will save him and her
With a trip to the house of worship,
With knees bent,
Praising The Sweet Lord
And His Almighty Glory!!

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