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What would you do?

Don't choose or choose something you're not sure of. What would you do? Would you rather stay reluctant, not able to make a decision and let someone else choose for you? Or would you make a bet for one or the other and time will tell if it was the right choice?

I always said I am allergic to indecisiveness. I can get so annoyed when guests order you to choose what to drink. Even when I ask if they would rather have coffee, soda, or wine. If they cannot even choose what to drink, how dawdling would the rest of their lives be? I cannot even imagine, and I hope you feel me.

But what if the decision you need to make is way bigger? What if you want to decide if you are going to quit your job which is fine but not great? What if the new job will not be as expected? Or let's raise the stakes a little more: what if you're doubting your relationship? You were very happy, but you're not sure if this is it. What would you do? Cutting these ropes is getting harder right?
Last one: what would you do if your partner tells you that he/she is doubting the relationship and after months doubting, you're almost forced to decide. A decision that is not your preferred option.

What would you do?
Welcome to my world.

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