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Circa 1994/1995. No edits. Just as I wrote it back when I was 14.
Swirling worlds,
mystical hands
It can't be taken in at once

Enveloping the darkness
is the fire mammoth
controlled by the evil one.

It burns my hands so I cannot feel
It burns my lips so I cannot speak

The hot tears
that well up inside
burn my eyes
I am forsaken.

To be the ice queen,
Oh if only,
I could freeze you all
with my touch

I'm cold already, but not enough
for the fire-mammoth can still defeat me
with it's burning words that lash out
and whip my skin raw

Freeze the fire
Kill the controller
Kill him with kindness
Be all you ever will

Save it up for the final battle
when opposites meet and
Babylon is crushed

The purity of the white stone
I hold in my hands

One wrong move and it drops
into the bleeding statue
where it will be drowned in a sea of my blood
Forever lost.
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