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How Sam Learned to Love Soccer

How Sam Learned to Love Soccer – Football


Sam Adams
Like many Americans
In their 50s never got into soccer

Soccer had become popular in the late 80s
When many schools started playing it
As soccer was cheaper and safer
Than American Football

He thought it as “Boring”
as Homer Simpson
Once said igniting a soccer riot.

Then he found himself in India
During a world cup
And got into soccer

Watching the Games
with Korean consulate friends
As that was the year Korean hosted
The world cup

The Times of India
Misidentified him on the society page
As a member of the Korean Embassy
Much to the amusement
Of his U.S. colleagues.

Since that date
He watched the world cup
Following the US and Korean teams.

Finally understanding
world cup fever
and getting the game

Looking forward to going
to the world cup
When the US, Canada, and Mexico
Co-host the game.

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