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If you need it, the corner shop has it.
“What we need is right there!”

Shelby tugged at her brother’s coat and pointed towards the shop at the corner.

“Ok,” Landon replied, grabbing her hand, and making a beeline for the door.

“What’s it say, Lan?”

“If you need it, I have it,” Landon read, tracing his finger over a brass plate by the door.

“Wow,” Shelby whispered.

Landon pulled open the heavy door. Inside was warm and smelled of cinnamon.

“Hallo, there!” A booming voice made both kids jump. “What is it you need?”

A burly man with spectacles on the bridge of his nose and a long beard stood behind a counter.

“The baby bonnet and the gold tasseled cushion in the window, please, sir” Landon requested.

“The hat and the pillow?” The man retrieved the items.

“Oh, yes, please,” Shelby’s voice held all the longing she had for those two specific things.

“How much?” Landon asked, feeling the coins in his pocket.

“Hmm…” the proprietor considered, stroking his beard. “Might you have a button? And perhaps a ribbon?”

“Huh?” Landon asked, confused.

“Oh, yes, I do!” Shelby proudly pulled a yellow ribbon and a blue button out of her pocket.

The man smiled, put the bonnet and cushion in a bag, which he handed to Landon.

The kids thanked him and hurried home to wrap the gifts.

Looking at his shelves, the man hummed a holiday tune.

The yellow ribbon made a ponytail of a doll’s brunette curls.

The blue button was sewn onto a warm woolen coat.

Both items were placed in the window.

A chime sounded.

“How much for the coat and the doll?” A little voice asked.

“Hmm…” the storeowner pondered, “Might you have a marble and a rubber band?”

“I do!”

Back to his shelves he went, humming a holiday tune.

Word Count = 299

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