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Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by Pentatonix

I remember the first time listening to this version on Spotify, I was in the car waiting for my mom to come back from the store. I was just listening to a mix of their songs from different albums and fell in love with the group. It wasn't during Christmas time that I first listened to this song, but I do remember binge listening to their Christmas songs during that time. I'm not as crazy as I used to be about the group, but I still love their music and always will no matter what. I started listening to them in 2015 and learned that they won the "Sing-Off" competition in 2011. I looked them up on Google and each member was in their 20's. I was like "How could such a talented and experienced group be so young"? They were ranging from 23 to 27-years-old. At least that's what I remembered.

Anyway, their version of this song is amazing! They go from caroling to going to church in seconds. As someone growing up in the church and still attending, this makes me happy and honestly makes me wish they were a Christian band. Their version reminds me of how much I appreciate Gospel music and will always cherish it in my heart!

As for the song itself, it's a classic! I've learned that the word "hark" means to listen and that "herald angels" mean a specific host of angels in heaven. Again, a beautiful reminder that God shows His love by guiding us with angels, whether we see them or not.

Thank you, Pentatonix for always making my Christmases much more special! I love you, guys!

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