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I will never forget that Weekend for monthly contest

I will never forget the weekend I met the Lady of My Dreams

I will never forget the weekend I met the lady of my dreams. This occurred after I finished my Peace Corps service in Korea, and was teaching ESL for the U.S. Army, I was getting ready to go back to Graduate School when I had the last dream when she told me she would meet me soon. That night the girl in the dreams got off the bus in front of me. I got her phone number. The next day she was waiting for me; said that we needed to talk. She said that I was hers, and that was it. I said , I felt the same way.

I recalled how I had dreamt since 1974, when I fell asleep in class and saw the most beautiful woman in the universe. I started having the dream weekly. One day I had to decide where to go in the Peace Corps I saw in the dream that she was in Korea. So, I went to Korea to find her.

We spent the next few days going for long walks and having lunch, and dinner, and endlessly talking. We proposed to each other and got married six weeks later.

It will be a complete story. So, all qualities of a Short- Story will be there.
Therefore, the number of characters will be minimum.
The tale will be smooth.
It is a feeling like poetry.
The social message is not mandatory.
Word limit:- Between 50 and 200.

But, there is only one difference between a short story and Micro-story. A Short-Story contains several scenes, but a Mico-Story includes only one scene.

Rupali Goswami

Every entry will get 100 GPs.
The winner will get 1000 GPs.
Every honorable Mention will get 500 GPs.
Donate please:- Kindly donate, please. Any donation amount will be accepted with pleasure. But 50000 GPs donations will get a Merit Badge.
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The subject for the next month:’The weekend that I never forget’.
Word limit:- Between 50 and 200.
Mention words.
Post in b-item format.
Last date of submission:- 12/31/2022
1 month 2 hours

based on my true love story
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