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The Truth is Out there, way out there Writers’ Cramp

The Truth is Out there, way out there Writers’ Cramp


Sam Adams was a local reporter
For the Cosmos world report
Based in Berkeley, California.

He was well known
For his investigative reporting
On corruption in politics.

One day he decided to investigate
The whole Q anon phenomenon
Looking upon it as an insane
Conspiracy theory.

He soon became convinced
There was a conspiracy
He could no longer turn a blind eye.

The truth was out there
Way out there
He published his findings.

The next day, he was visited
By mysterious figures, dressed in black
Although they had a pan-ethnic look
Could pass for almost any ethnic group
They looked vaguely non-human.

They worked for the government
And wanted Sam to reveal
All he knew about the conspiracy
Sam refused to comply.

They said it was his choice
And revealed their true shape
As reptilian life forms from the planet Sirius.

That night Sam died in a mysterious car accident
His story was retracted by his bosses
Who said that Sam had written it
While under the influence of LSD.

Common sayings are fun to look up and see where they come from. Due to their over use, I've heard it is often best to stay away from using them in writing. They come across as stale and lack creativity. Let's make an exception.

Write a story or poem, including in bold, turn a blind eye.

Make one of the genre action/adventures.
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