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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2286219
I don't need vague memories.
There may be someone that you know
who wallows in the past,
who thinks that worn-out photographs
will help those memories last.

Then there are others I have found
who always look ahead,
who’d rather hope for something else
than what they have instead.

But I don’t need vague memories,
I’m still here next to you.
I don’t need echoes from before
to know our love is true.

And I don’t need to fantasize
about how life could be.
I’m so content the way things are,
that you are here with me.

This is the only time that counts,
right here when I’m with you.
The moments that we two can share
are fleeting and are few.

What good are memories or dreams
that take you far away?
This is the perfect time and place
where you and I can stay.

So let’s embrace the here and now
and pledge our love anew.
We’ll make the most of what we have,
together, just we two.

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