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“It’s going to hurt like the devil. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

“Just do it, okay?” Mike winced, held his eyes shut.

“Whatever were you thinking? Riding your bike there?” He’d been warned over and over.

“George said I couldn’t do it, so I had to.” Mike groaned a bit more.

“So George and the others said to jump off a bridge, and you did it?”

“Mom, it isn’t that high of a bridge.”

I stopped, dropped his arm. He screamed.

“Are you telling me you jumped off the bridge? I was kidding! The bridge you’ve been told a million times not to go near?”

Mike nodded, tears streamed down his face.

I yanked on his shoulder, heard that pop and another scream from Mike.

“Get your coat, we’re going to the ER and check to see if I did it right. If not, they’ll do again and again. Until they get that bone back in place.”

I knew it was fixed, But that ER visit helped teach a lesson. Nothing like yanking on a dislocated shoulder to get someone’s attention.

W/C 182

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