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The world is full of surprises. Both wonderful and sad.
It's a cruel world
Where it's full of lies
And full of untrustworthy
Only when red fills the skies
Will I just now realize my toes curled

Where heart break will take over
And betrayal will win
Overall this madness
Where it won't matter to sin
To which is too much for even Hell to cover

Who cares if you are married
Or if you won the lottery
Nothing in this world makes you special
My emotions shatter like pottery
All the blood my heart carried.

I tend to be alone a lot
Enjoying the silence and empty
Through all this hurt though
When they ask if I'm okay, my answer is always absolutely
All I can do to cope is have no thought

You can say I've grown dark
But who's to say it's wrong
When everybody else around me is happy
While I sit here in pain and feeling I don't belong
When finally, the anger disguises itself in a bark

Who can you trust anymore
When a beautiful female is actually a guy
Where humor is not the same anymore
Overtaken by a painfully horrible cry
Or when a greedy man wants more

This world is falling apart
And so have I
Sometimes I wish I was never here
But hidden from the naked eye
The ugly truth was there from the start
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