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A figure cowers in the dark of night, while another cozys by the fire, what will happen?
before i start, this isnt for younger audiences, its nice and kind but gets, well, bloody you’ve been warned

A large and cozy fire is only about 10 feet away. A small shadow is nearby, hidden by the warm fire's shadows; a blanket of snow covers the visible land, all white with freckles of glowing embers. They complain about the raging battle between cold and heat, which is battling to see who can succeed and overtake the other.

They watched from the shadows; under them, the snow crunched, the leaves ruffled in the wind, and the snow dripped from the leaves. The shadows shifted, according to the faint movement. The wind picked up as a light flickered. The fire flashed in and out of view. invisible but able to be felt from a distance. A wave of heat is passing, melting snow.As the figure passed, the drip of water and the crack of ice echoed. A small screech sounds before getting cut off by a larger figure.
"Got it?" They looked up when they heard a gruff tone from above.
"No, haven't gotten the...thing," they say as they look at the figure near the flames.
"Hurry up then!" The larger figure from above growled in their ear. the shadows of a creature with paws and a tail; possibly a feline mutant?
The land is old and tainted with some dark type of energy, an energy that has a familiar feeling to the old beings.

When they wake up, snow is falling, and the licking flames have shrunk. They are clearly young and miniature beings when they stand up.One luxurious stretch, and they are up and awake, their eyes scanning the poor land. They walk a short distance away; some twigs and small logs rest on a stone pile. A faint aura washed off; through the barrier, they picked some up. Despite the heavy snow, their pelt and sticks remained dry. Out of the shadow of the heavy snowfall, the land around it was untouched, as shown by the flecks of amber shown above, and so were the ashes. They hear the noise, sniff the air, and flee.

"They found us!" The mut panicked.
"What did you do, 001?" The mut called 001 shrugged and said, "Well, time to go."
001, and the other mut left after the feline, which gave off a faint, strange aura.

The feline was hurrying along, aware of 001, and the mut, "Freeze!" panicked. The feline yelled more words like freeze,but the mutants carried on, faster now.
"Urina!" cried a device that had just become visible on her bandana.
"Not now, Mission control
“the muts are following s---."
"UrIII-NNnnnAa?" a voice said, but Urina was nowhere to be found.

"I got her," a voice said proudly.
"Good job, 001!"
"Thank you, B127." Below 001 lay an unidentified figure, her ears shredded, her muzzle mauled, and her eyes pools of blood.The radio still spoke,
"Call off...the...mission," she exclaimed; the figure was Urina; how she stayed alive was unknown, but it was there that she breathed her last.
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