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this book is about a boy who dates so many girls until he finds the right one.
Chapter 2: the rich lover
He wakes up and gets dressed for school
As he is daydreaming about his new girlfriend lila his mom interrupts with a call for breakfast he walks down only to see eggs, bacon and biscuits and gravy before his eyes he eats breakfast grabs his backpack then heads out the door
Once he finally gets to school he is surprised to see lila standing there waiting for him im am the luckiest guy in the world he thought to himself
As he walks up to the building he hugs her and they walk into the building holding hands they walk into class and take their seats finally 4 hours later it's time for lunch ha she gets in line he gets toasted cheese peas and mashed potatoes
He pays for the food and sits down and waits for lila soon she sits down beside him dylan she says
Yes lila
Lets get to know each other better
Ok he says
What's your favorite color dylan
Blue and you
Silver and gold
What's your favorite animal lila
Cat and you
What's your favorite food dylan
Lasagna and you
Once lunch is over
They throw their lunch away and head outside for pe
Hey lila says one of her best friends
Oh hey courtney
Hey lila says another one of her best friends
Hey carleigh
Hey lila says her last best friend
Hey emily
They have a best friend trio
The elc trio
Or also known as the Emily lila courtney trio
Well dylan we better get to class
Ok by lila
Bye dylan byemily bye courtney
As dylan goes left and the elc trio go right they soon arrive to their second period let's see what dylan's second period is
Ugh ela the worst subject of all
As he walks in and takes his seat
2 hours later
Ok class remember tomorrow we are taking a test so make sure you go home and study
Dylan gets up and leaves the classroom
He then sees the elc trio
And walks up to them
“Hey guys” he says
Hey dylan they say back
Ready to go lila
Yes, bye girls she says
Bye lila” bye dylan” they say back
lila and dylan get on the bus
And take their seats
Well this is my stop” dylan says
Ok” she says
Bye lila” he says
Bye dylan” she says back
And he gets off the bus and goes inside
Then comes lilas stop she gets up gets off the bus and goes inside
Once she gets inside she goes upstairs and goes to her room she puts her bookbag near her bedroom door gets her pajamas on and sits on her bed
10 minutes later she hears her phone ding she gets up to check it and sees its a message from chyanne hears what it said * hey lila just wanted to let you know that your baes at the park see you monday bye
Elc squad member
She gets up goes to her closet get dressed brushes her hair and teeth does her makeup, curls her hair then she leaves to go to the park
Once she gets to the park he sits beside dylan
Hey dylan she says with excitement
Oh! Hey lila
What are you doing here he asks with curiosity
Just came for a walk and you
Just came for the scenery
Are alone
Yes u to
So how was your day he asks
It was good and yours
Good but i don’t like ela its stupid most boys don’t
3 hours later time: 8:00 at night
Hahaha then what happen
Well then i went up to her and i said hey you can't sit there says watch me i said the only thing i'm gonna watch is you getting in trouble
Hahaha as she laughs
And then she said go right ahead and then the teacher came up to her and said you can't sit here it's off limits and she said oh i didn't know it was so she gets up gets her lunch and whispers you need to be off limits under her breath
Haha she laughs
Oh my gosh
And then her phone rang
Oh its my mom
She answers the phone
Hi! Mom
Lila where are you it's 8:00 at night
I'm still at the park with dylan
Ok! Well when your done come home okay
Okay mom love you
Love you to be safe!
I will
And she hangs up
Sorry that was my mom
Its ok
It's getting late we should part
Ok bye good night
Good night love you
Love you too
She gets up and walks home

Chapter 3: the rich cheater
As she walks home she started thinking
I need someone else to date i mean i'm rich he is poor and has no abs or anything cute about him i need someone with good taste a little bit of money and rock hard abs but i also don't wanna break up with him because i don't wanna hurt his feelings so i wont
One she finally gets home she goes upstairs goes to her room gets her pajamas on lays on her bed turns on the tv and searches the app store
She searches the app store when she comes across tinder and she thought to herself tinder is a dating app but maybe i can date on here and no one will ever know not even dylan” she thinks its a good idea and downloads tinder on her phone once its done downloading she creates her profile picture and she comes across a kid who looks just like her age she swipes right and messages him
What's your name she asks
Kyle and yours”
Nice to meet you lila
Nice to meet you too kyle
They talk for hours
Well i should get some sleep talk tomorrow
Ok gn lila
Gn kyle
And she goes to bed
The next morning
She wakes up and gets on her phone and gets on tinder
Hi he messaged back
What are you up to? She asked
Nothin he messaged back
Wanna meet at the park she asked
ok be there in 20 or 30 minutes maybe less
Ok he messaged back
She gets up gets dressed brushes her hair her teeth and does her makeup and then she goes out of her bedroom
By mom she says
Where are you going she asks
To the park
And she heads to the park
On my way she texts
Ok he says
Once she gets to the park she sits down on the bench
And a couple minutes later someone joined her
Lila? He asks
Oh hi
It's great to finally see you in person
Yea you too
As they sat down on the bench and got to know each other
2 hours later
Haha really oh my gosh thats crazy
So what's your favorite food? She asks
And you
And then her phone rang
Oh i gotta take this one moment
She walks away and answers the phone
Hey dylan
Hi lila
How are you
I'm good and you
What are you up too wanna hang out
Oh no sorry dylan i can’t
Because…..im……hanging out with the elc trio
Oh ok maybe another time then he said sadly
Its ok i love you
Love you too
And she hangs up
And walks back over to the bench
Who was that kyle asked
My mom
Oh do you have to go
Oh no
Oh that reminds me
And he pulls out roses
Awww roses my favorite, thank you kyle
No problem
Lila look at the card too
Here is what the card said
Dear lila,
I know i have only known your for a day and a half but you seem really nice will you be my girlfriend
Yes! She said
Great he said
Well i guess i should go meet up with the elc trio
Ok bye lila
Bye kyle
Hey lila they say
Hey girls
What you doing
Ah dylan what are you doing here
I came to surprise you
Awww she says
And then she walks off with the elc trio
2 hours later
Bye girls
Bye lila
At home
She opens the door
Goes upstairs to her room
1 week later
Finally its the weekend the week has been crazy busy
She sees she has a message from kyle here is what it said
Hey lila wanna meet at the park
Yea sure
She touches up her makeup then heads downstairs and leaves the house her mom wasn't home so she had to lock the door
Then she heads to the park
At the park
Hey kyle
Oh hey
2 hours later
She gets a message from dylan but little did she know that he was up the hill watching her and the message isn't what he wanted to say instead here is what it said
Hey lila
Hey dylan
What are you up too
I'm with the elc trio
I gtg
Going through a tunnel won't have any connection then she puts her phone in her bag and continues talking to kyle
So how are you
I'm good and you
I'm good
Wanna take a walk
After the walk
I should head home
He gives her a kiss on the cheek
And she heads home
At home
She unlocks the door and goes inside and heads upstairs
She goes in her room takes off her shoes and gets on her pajamas
She then goes to her bathroom and takes off her makeup then she gets her phone and lays down on her bed then there was a knock at the door
Dylan, what are you doing here
I came to talk with my girlfriend
Aww come on let's go upstairs to my room
In her room
So lila
Did you have fun at the park, i think the elc trio went to the Pool!. He said sturnley
What are you talking about
I wasn't at the park i was at the pool with emily and courtney
Stop lying!
I saw you at the park with another boy!
And don't think i didn't see the kiss
How could you cheat on me lila?
What's up with you?
Nothing! Ok its nothing
Its something because your not your self the lila i know wouldn't cheat
Maybe I changed! She yelled
yea .
Well something else is about to change
What? She asked
Our Relationship. Were done lila
I can be with kyle
Fine! Then she kicks him out
Ugh! So stupid
She blocked him on everything
Then she texts the elc trio and tells them to block a number off of everything

Chapter 4: the new friend
When she kicks him out he goes back home
The next morning
Dylan! His mom calls
Yea mom
Time to wake up
He gets up gets dressed brushes his hair and teeth and goes to the park when he gets to the park he sees a girl sitting alone so he goes up to her and sits next to her after awhile he finally says
Hi my names dylan what's yours
Alexis she says back
Nice to meet you alexis
Nice to meet you too
And they talk for hours
Then he finally says that he had just broken up with his girlfriend
Oh i'm so sorry she says
Its ok he says back
After a while he ends the conversation and says he has to go home
Bye he says

Chapter 5: the new lover

The next morning
As he gets up
He gets dressed puts on cologne
And goes downstairs
2 years later
Hey alexis
Oh hey dylan
Can we talk
Ok so we have known each other for 2 years now
And i wanted to know if you would be my gf
Yes dylan
Ok great” dylan says while smiling
He sits down on the bench and they talk and talk and talk
Hours pass by and its now 8 O clock
“ i should be heading home” dylan says disappointed
“Ok dylan see you tomorrow” alexis says

Chapter 6: the new cheater

The next morning
Alexis brushes her teeth and curls her hair then she gets dressed and goes downstairs as she thinks to herself Dylan just isn't attractive anymore. I think the best way is to date someone else so i don't hurt his feelings.
Haha alexis you're so funny
I know i am alex
“Alexis?” dylan says in a curious way
“How could you cheat” he asks her while trying not to cry
“I-i because you're not attractive” alexis says feeling horrible after
“Hey alexis” lila says while walking towards her
“Hey lila” alexis says while patting a spot next to her on the bench
“L-lila” dylan says in shock
“Oh, hey dylan” lila says not knowing that he was going to be there
“Your friends with my EX-girlfriend” dylan yells
“Yea i am.”alexis says in confidence
“Look dylan im so sorry, i didn’t want you to find out like this” alexis said
“I don't believe that” dylan said with tears coming down his cheek
“Well you should” alexis said as she walked off
“Alexis!” dylan yelled
“What dylan” she asks him with anger and frustration
“What does this mean?” he asked her afraid of knowing what the answer was going to be
“It means we're done” Alexis said and she walked up the stairs and got into her car .

Chapter 7:the zoom call

Yea mom
“Coming” he says while combing his hair and brushing his teeth
and he goes downstairs
As he eats breakfast he starts to think “i don't need them i can find someone who really likes me for me”
Once he got done eating he put his plate in the sink and went upstairs for his first zoom class
Just as he was grabbing his laptop he accidentally tipped over his orange juice and it spilled all over the carpet.
“mom do we have any clean towels” he yells
“Yes sweetheart in the cabinet in the hallway” his mom says
“Thanks” he tells her as he puts the towel over the spilled orange juice and gets on zoom
“Good morning everyone” the teacher says
As she starts the math lesson he sees there’s a girl in her class he looks at her name and he sees her name is lauren
Once the math lesson ends and the teacher lets them go .

He types in the math zoom code and waits to be let in he quickly goes downstairs and gets a snack before class and then goes back up stairs and sits on his bed while writing formulas in his notebook confused about one

Chapter 8: the study buddy
he emails her telling her that he is in all her classes he then asks her if she wanted to help each other with the homework and she gladly accepts the offer
An hour later they get done with homework and they start to talk. Later that evening he emails her asking her if she got the homework done. She says I'm on the last problem but I'm stuck on it. He emails her back saying that he will help her on it. Later that evening he closes his laptop and goes downstairs for dinner and he tells his siblings and parents about lauren and how he plans on asking her to be his girlfriend and they said that they think it's a wonderful idea once he finishes his dinner he goes upstairs to his bedroom and starts thinking about her asking if he thinks she is loyal asking if she will cheat on him he doesn't think she will and he gets ready for bed and goes to sleep.

The next morning he got up and got dressed and emailed Lauren. Here is what he said: hey i'm going to the park want to come?
No i cant right now she email disappointedly
Oh why?
I'm going to the movies with breianna, aaliyah. Chyanne, and arianna
Oh ok, have fun
I will
He gets off his laptop and goes outside to play but let's switch and see what laurens up too
Lauren shuts her laptop and goes to the car
Hey lauren said arianna,cheyenne,breianna, and aaliyah
Hey girls what movie are we going to see
I don’t know you can pick
Well we can see sing 2 said lauren
Or how about encanto said breianna

Chapter 9: the question

He wakes up excitedly and gets dressed for his math zoom class
Once he is ready he joins and sees laurens already there
Good morning the teacher says
Everyone says hi and or good morning in the chat
And she gets on with the lesson once she is done with class she lets them go
They all leave the zoom and go join there ela zoom while lauren and dylan are waiting for the teacher to let them in they email each other
Hey lauren
Hey dylan she says
Did you get the homework done? He asks
Yes she said
That's good he said
Wanna talk to each other on hangouts when we are done with zoom
Sure she says
And at that moment the teacher lets them in the zoom
Good morning class today we will be reading chapters 8 and 9 in bud not buddy please follow along if you have a copy she says
After they get done reading chapter 8 and 9 they talk about it
How can you describe the great depression she aks
Classmate: i think the great depression isn't that amazing
Ok. the teacher says
Once class was over everyone left the zoom
2 hours later
Ok class have a good weekend i'll see you monday the teacher says
And everyone gets off zoom
Dylan emails lauren hey lauren
Hey dylan she says back
Wanna work on the math homework
Ok he says
He reads one of the math word problem out loud
Adam ran 6,348 miles sofia ran 3,673 miles
How many more miles did adam run then sofia
10,021 lauren says
That's what i got he says back
Bye the time lauren and dylan get done with the math homework it's time for lauren to get off and go eat dinner
I got to go eat dinner she says
Ok but can i ask you something he says
Will you be my girlfriend he asks excitedly
Yes she says back
Great he says
Bye she says
Bye he says back and she closes her laptop and goes to the dining room for dinner.

Chapter 10: the new lover
Lauren wakes up happy she gets up and goes out to the living room for breakfast
Thanks for breakfast mom it was delicious
Your welcome
She puts her plate and fork in the sink and goes back to her bedroom for another 2 or 3 hours
She looks at the time 12:00 ima go to the park
She gets up and gets dressed
She goes in her bathroom and brushes her hair and teeth she puts on makeup and goes out the front door and heads to the park
Once she gets to the park she sits on the bench on her phone after 2 hours she looks at the time and sees its 2:00 i better get home so she gets up puts her phone in her back pocket and walks home
Once she gets home she goes inside and goes to her room about an hour later she looks at the time and then she gets up and does her chores once she gets done with her chores she goes back to her room for about 3 hours then she looks at the time and sees that its 6:00 and then she goes to the living room to play her switch 2 hours later her mom comes in and says it's time to get off the switch and go to to bed.
Ok she said and she gets ready for bed
The next day
She wakes up and gets dressed brushes her hair and teeth and heads out to the living room as she sit on the couch watching television she starts to wonder is dylan right for her will he cheat n her because she has had her ups and downs in relationships too lets review
Lauren once met a boy named landon they dated but she moved so they broke up then she met a boy named jacob but he cheated so she broke up with him.
She gets up and opens her laptop and email dylan and she says
Will you cheat on me?
No, never he says
Will you love me forever?
Yes, always he says
Promise that no matter what happens weather we get into a fight or something bad happens you will always love me and will always be there for me
I promise he says
Feeling good about herself she closes her laptop and watches some more television
A couple hours pass by and she gets up on goes to the table and gets on zoom with dylan
Hey lauren he says
Hey dylan
What are you up to?
Talking to you
Well I know that! He says as she laughs
What are you doing? I'm trying to fix this truck that i had when i was really little
Well how are you gonna fix it she asks curiously well im trying to fix the wires
Your gonna get electrocuted she says
No I won't, I know what I'm doing! He says determinedly
Well quit and listen to your girlfriend
Uh huh i'm listening he says
Okay she says
So i started watching television and i saw this commercial and the guy was on the boat and he was near the rail and he kept getting closer and closer to the rai-
Dang it! He says
Was you even listening to a word i said
Uhm yea
Then what did i say

Something about your mom and dog
Uh no
Not even close she says
put the wires up
Fine he says disappointedly
Thank you
3 hours pass by and she finally looks at the time she says she has to get off
Ok i love you
Love you too she says
And she closes her laptop and plugs it up. She goes to her room to watch television and falls asleep.

Chapter 11: back in the halls
She wakes up and gets dressed and as she brushes her teeth she starts to wonder. “ what will happen today at school” she has been remote learning and is going back to the building everyone else has been in the building except people in remote learning. She gets her shoes on and heads out to the living room and as she eats breakfast she starts to think maybe there is a way to make friends
She then thinks she knows a way to make friends and she gets her backpack and lunchbox and heads to school.
At school
She gets out of the car and heads inside the building she goes to the office to wait on the guidance counselor to give her a tour she opens the door and the lady behind the desk asks hello how may i help you
I am suppose to see ms cox for a tour of the school
Oh yes wait right over there
Ok thank you she says
As she waits for the counselor she sees a lot of her old friends pass by
Finally ms cox walks in
Hi yu must be lauren
Uh yes
Im ms cox i'll be giving you a tour
Ok thanks
So if you will follow me
So when your walking in to your right is where the media center and chorus and band is plus its the 8th grade hall and to you left is the 7th grade hall so this is my office and this is your homeroom class this is mr reynolds he will be your science teacher mr reynolds this is lauren
It's nice to meet you
Heh she says nervously
Now lauren if you need anything don't hesitate to ask
Ok thanks ms cox
And she walks in the classroom
Seeing breianna and a lot of new students she doesn't know she starts to hesitate but she takes a seat anyway
3 hours later
She is in social studies and starts signaling
After social studies comes science and that was one of her least favorite subjects “today we are learning about earth” says the teacher
As aaliyah raises her hand
He politely asks her to lower it
But i have a question she said
Save them till after he said back
Oh alright she said
After science and chorus and pe
They all leave to go home
As lauren gets in the car she thinks to herself about random things
Once they get home they go inside and lauren races to her room
She unplugs her laptop and emails dylan and they do a zoom meet
After 3 hours they both get off zoom and Lauren plugs up her laptop and goes to bed.

Chapter 12: the valentine's day gift
The next morning Lauren wakes up and opens her laptop. She emils Dylan saying that she is making a zoom and wonders if he can join.
He says yes and they join the zoom she asks him if he wants to play 21 questions he says yes
Ok i will go first she says
What's your favorite color
What's your favorite animal? He asks
What is your zodiac sign? She aks
What's your zodiac sign? He asks
Can i ask you something
Can i come over
What no
Wait why
My parents wont let yu
Just aks
There gonna say no
just ask and find out. he said with determination
I said NO!
Can i at least drop off your valentine's day gift
I'll get my address tomorrow knock on the door drop it off then run
But little did she know that her mother would soon know it all
The next day she gets dressed for school as she brushes her hair she starts to think about what she is gonna write her address down in once she gets done brushing her hair she starts digging around in her room looking for a journal finally she finds one and she puts it in her book bag and she gets to brush her teeth once she gets done brushing her teeth she gets her bookbag and her lunchbox and goes to the car ounce she gets to school she goes into the classroom and she sits down at her desk she gets her laptop out and her journal and writes d0own her address then she gets the emails out and emails it to dylan and sighs. Once she gets done with school she quickly goes to her room and gets on zoom with dylan he says he will be there in an hour she agrees and gets off zoom and waits and waits and waits she gets tired of waiting and does something constructive for an hour then she hears her dog baring and her mom say are you dylan and that's when she knew he was here then her mom said hold on and she hurried to her bathroom and she said to come outside finally they leave and her mom goes inside with her and she asks lauren how he knew we lived here and that's when lauren confessed.

Chapter 13: the exciting news
That next morning she wakes up feeling good and excited to start the day she gets everything done for the day at school and she gets her book bag and gets in the car half the day passes by and now it's time for chorus and that's when she tells arieanna the good news they get into chorus and she says ari i have fantastic news
What is it
Dylan gave me a valentines day gift
What really
That's so sweet and romantic
I know
He came to my house yesterday
Once there done with chorus they go to PE
After PE
They get there bookbags n=and wait for car riders to be called to leave
And then lauren gets in the car and goes home
But little does she know that when her mom got home she would start yelling but were not there yet were here

Dylan his mom called
Yea mom
Come here
Go do the yard work
Okay can i take my laptop
Haha as she laughs she says yes
So he gets his laptop and goes outside to do yard work
He opens his emails and sees 3 emails from lauren he opens them and joins a zoom meeting
Hey dylan she says
Hi she says back
Hi he says looking into her eyes
So what are you doing?
Yard work
Yea i'm sorry my mom just told me to do it
Oh its ok dont worry about it and she smiles
Let's give them a moment shall we
Now let's go here
LAUREN! Her mom yells
What! She says trying not to yell
Come here ! she says more quietly
What! Don't talk to me like that
Take jax (2 year old dog) out
Young Lady
Don't talk to me like that
Im gonna get your daddy her mom says trying to scare her
Lauren doesn't say anything
Go take jax out please
Can i take him out front at least
I guess but make sure he uses the bathroom
I will she says as she hooks his leash and walks out the door

Chapter 14: the costume fiasco
The next day she wakes up feeling great and happy as she is getting dressed for school she starts thinking about halloween costumes for her and dylan she starts to think about how much she loves descendants and then she gets the bright idea for her and dylan to dress up as mal and ben she thinks it's a great idea and she starts looking a costumes and starts checking the prices she then emails dylan saying she knows what there gonna be for halloween.
What? He asked
Mal and ben from descendants she says confidently
I have already started looking at costumes
Oh God! He says
She tries not to laugh and closes her laptop.

Chapter 15: the big fight
The next day she wakes up and opens her laptop she tells dylan and her two best friends breianna miller and hannah they all join the zoom and lauren puts on a shirt that fits her but she decides to prank her friends so she ties the back to make it a crop top that shows her belly and walks out in front of the camera and breianna gets really mad because the shirts to small she asks lauren to go change but she refuses
Lauren it's too small
No its not breianna she said trying not to laugh
Yes it is!
Well I'm not taking it off! Lauren said trying so hard not to laugh
She then looks at the zoom chat
Oh right you don't know what she said here i'll tell you
If you don't take it off im gonna beat yo a**
No you wont lauren said
Guess you will find out tuesday
And she went in and told her parents and her mom called the principal and breianna and lauren were never aloud to get near each other but little did lauren know that her and breianna would become best friends once again

Chapter 16: the breakup
The next day lauren wakes up feeling great and ready to start her saturday
She brushes her hair and does her makeup and goes out to the dining room for breakfast
Good morning lauren her mom said
Good morning mom she said back
Do you want sausage
No just eggs bacon and toast please
Ok! She said as she puts the plate in front of her
After breakfast lauren goes back to her bedroom to brush her teeth
Then she gets her laptop and gets on a zoom call with dylan
Good morning babe he said cheerfully
Good morning she said back
How did you sleep
Good and you? She asked trying to be polite
Good he says as he remember his bad news
So what do you want to do? He asked kind of sadly
Idk talk about us and our relationship
Ok you start he said
Well dylan you have always been the highlight of my life and without you i wouldn't know what i would do the promise that we made when we promised we would love each other forever through thick and thin how we would help each other through good times and bad dylan you have always loved and been there for me when i needed you to. And for that I am so grateful I will always love you forever.
Wow. he says as he smiles
You go she said
Well Lauren I am so lucky to have you, you have always been there for me when I needed you the most. Lauren, you saved my life. I wanted to end my life but then you came into my life and I wanted to stay in this world for you. I have always and always will love you but.
But? But what she said confused
Im sorry babe i can't do this anymore i have asked multiple times after been told yes to a lunch date i'm sorry but we're done.
And as lauren had a confused look on her face he left the zoom
And Lauren started crying. And that was that.

First i want to thank my parents without them i would be sitting here writing this book second i wan to thank 2 of my best friends destiny sikes and melani coffey they encouraged me to keep going and they lifted me up and last but not least i want to thank my baby cousin Pacen your too young to read this book right now but i promise when you can read i will let you read this
Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it and if you like my book then I will keep writing so stay tuned.
Lauren ward
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