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Lost in Haunted Woodlands in Limbo

Lost in the Haunted Woodlands in Limbo

Sam Adams
Woke up one night dead
Finding himself in a dark,
Forbidding haunted forest

He looked up
Saw the creatures
From his worst nightmares
Nightmarish real

Staring at him
With evil in their red eyes

The aliens, banshees, centaurs, Cerebus,
crows, Dragons, demons, devils, dwarfs,
Goblins, Ghouls, Ghosts, Giants,
Gorillas, Hell hounds, Imps, naked incubi,
Leprechauns, Lions, Ravens, monsters, orcs,
bewitching beautiful yet deadly Sirens,
Tigers, Werewolves, witches, warlocks,
Wild things and zombies.
Led by a half-centaur, half pig
With two heads – Putin and Trump….

Began chasing him
Led by the Putin/Trump monster
Who growled,
“After him, Sam Adams must die
Death to all humans!”

He saw the gates of hell
With the sign
“abandon all hope
All who enter here”

He jumped through
The creatures were unable
To enter the gates of hell
As only the dead and damned
Are allowed entry.

The Grim Reaper greeted him

“Welcome Sam Adams
We have been waiting for you.
It is your judgement day
But first, have a beer,
You’ve earned it my friend.”

And handed him a cold beer.
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