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Heaven-sent ideals and blessings for the struggling victims of cruel tragedies - a poem.
Heaven’s Gate stands forever
As an eternal, mighty summit…
The everlasting granting
Of prayerful grandeur;
The soul’s ample journey
Of the grace of God’s saintly Home…
When in alarming peril
Or facing profound tragedy,
The Almighty shall beam
A surreal and glistening value;
The Powerful Creator of All Things
Will assist in gravity and sorrow
With immense, meditative jewels;
His healing strides shall provide
Relevance and heartfelt relief…
And His beautified presence
Will remark with clarity and passion
One’s palace of religious feeling
And forethought. 
For without Him,
A person knows no avenue
Of respite from life’s heartrending
And threatening difficulties;
And the brutal dismay and animus
Of the beastly kernels of rancor shall belittle
And overwhelm the benchmark joy
And privilege of the Lord’s holy
And ostensible glitter -
The gift of His Only Son
As a fear-ranking, calamitous call
For the immediate reversal
Of humanity’s gross
And imperiling sin…

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