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How the events happen on someone's death
I remember the day
That Fontay O' Rooney
Had died,
And these events
Which happened
On that day.

Reading a news article
On the Internet
That a boy was suspended
From school
For drawing
On a piece of paper
With a pencil
A butter knife.
The school district
Where the boy was suspended
Banned all pictures, paintings
And drawings of knives
In all of the schools
In the School District
Because students might
Grab knives out these
And start stabbing
Other students with them.

Another article
On the internet.
Because of National Bolsivekism,
Leftist radicals
Refuse to sing the song
Red Flag.
Instead, they started to sing
"The ink is black, the page is white"
"Together we learn to read and write"

I found out
In the tabloids
On the internet
That Wacko Jacko
Shook the hand
Of the man
Who was on fire
While shaking hands
Wacko Jacko
Caught on fire.
Later, the flames
On his body
Magically disappeared,
And he flew away
Without a flying machine
Of any kind.

I see two men
In a diner
Which I was entering
Arguing over the existence
Of Chesterton, Indiana.
One believe that
The town didn't exist,
And it was made up by
The Federal Government.
The other been to the town,
And it does exist.

On the radio,
It was reported
That the state of
Was not just
A State of the Union
Of the United States
Of America,
But Florida
Was a state
Of the mind.

In the tabloids,
On the internet,
A British comedian
Who played that
Bean guy on television
Was called out
For being a
Shapshifting lizard person.
Witnesses say that
He was catching flies
With his lizard tongue
And eating them.
And, he was seen
In his lizard form
That the tabloids

Tipped off by Grace Slick,
The police arrested
The hookah smoking caterpillar
And his hookah
From Wonderland.
His friends claimed
That tobacco is in
His hookah,
But police aren't buying it.
He getting exerdited
To Florida
Where he told
A Florida man
To destroy a liquor store
With a forklift.

I miss
Fontay O'Rooney.
He was a wonderful man,
And a great friend to me.
Also, I remember the events
That happened
On the day he died.
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