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Daily Flash Fiction = night, brick, clock
Stan shivered in the biting cold wind and hunched further down into his parka. With his gloved fingers tapping each brick, he counted… ninety-nine, one hundred. He looked back over his shoulder and ensured no one was around to witness his activity and scraped the mortar from between the two bricks. He pushed and pulled and finally pried one out, exposing the metal key holder.

“It’s here. Do you want the container or just what’s inside?” He whispered.

He heard static and then the tinny voice answered, “just the key and put everything back the way it was.”

Stan tried to open the container but couldn’t quite grasp it, he bit the finger of his glove and tugged with his mouth. The metal container was very cold in his hand and he slid the lever to reveal the small silver key. Once he pocketed the key, he glanced at the nearby street clock, it read 11:15 p.m.

“I have the key, I’m on my way back,” he stated as he ran and jumped on the waiting reindeer.
The reindeer took two leaps, a bound and flew into the starry, night sky.

Stan landed on the red rooftop, shimmied down the ladder and ran into the house gasping. “Did I make it back in time?” he asked, holding out the key.

“Yes, this key will open up the safe where we keep it, and we’ll have just enough time to make the cocoa before Santa arrives,” the small elf said.

“That key was for cocoa?” Stan asked, “I thought it was to some treasure,” he stated flatly.

“Treasure is all in the eyes of the beholder!” The fairy said and flitted away.
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