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Bjorn quests for wisdom on the tomb of an ancient king, but is shocked by what he finds.

Bjorn the Brave so boldly strode
Across the plains of Abirjeed
Following the southward road
Through hatethorn bush and cankerweed

His purpose by King John decreed:
"Locate the ancient burial ground,
The mystic runes to find and read
Upon the grave of Utor Fround."

So through the mountain pass he wound
Through bitter wind and frost and snow
His tattered cloak around him bound
His wizard's staff a dismal glow

That scarcely on the graves did show
The runes, so aged, faint, and worn.
He studied them with care, to know
Their meaning, as he had foresworn.

Yet after all the trials he'd borne
To find King Utor's ancient grave,
He knew not what runes might adorn
The monument or architrave.

But after searching, Bjorn the Brave
Found the stone of Utor, King,
And read the runes thereon engraved:
"There comes an end to everything--

Peasant, soldier, farmer, king.
Fame and glory cannot last.
Death comes to every living thing
And every age of man has passed."

A moment then, Bjorn stood downcast,
Disheartened by the words he'd read.
He journeyed home, to come at last
Back to King John--and found him dead.

Go, mortal man, and softly tread
Upon this earth and do no harm;
Your life is short and swiftly sped
Your only end, to feed the worm.
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