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Coffee Sweetbrier Poetry Place
Coffee Sweetbrier Poetry Place

I like coffee
to start my day
makes a great morning
watching the news
things unfold
too much gives forewarning

but afternoon
thinking of past mourning
about my life
my smiling wife
Such a good morning

The Sweetbriar, invented by Viola Berg, consists of two six sixains (six-line stanzas) with line structures of 4, 4, 6, 4, 4, 6 in each stanza and the 6-syllable lines rhyming, as described and demonstrated in the following links:


• The Sweetbriar is an invented verse form similar to the Minuette. It uses only 1 rhyme and was created by Viola Berg. The elements of the Sweetbriar are:
1. a poem in 12 lines made up of 2 sixains. (This could easily be considered a stanzaic form, to be written in any number of sixains but it might be difficult to maintain the singular rhyme in more than 2 stanzas.)
2. syllabic, 4-4-6-4-4-6 syllables per line.
3. rhymed, rhyme scheme xxaxxa xxaxxa. x being unrhymed


A rose blossoms
with velvet touch
is known as Eurasian bred
Delicate bloom
in single-ply,
Sweetbriar pink and red.

Fragrant buds
full tilt display
too wild to tame in bed.
Mixed in bristles,
their prickly stem
a harvest lightly tread.
~~Judi Van Gorder


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