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Christmas is 1 day don't stress.
Christmas can be a wonderful time of year
but as the years have gone by
most people have just completely forgotten
its a time for happiness and cheer

It's a stressful time
for parent afar
trying to keep up with the trends
with debt up to their eyes
still purchasing their teen a new car

People seem to not remember
it's about spending time
making memories
not just spending
every last dime

When I was a child
we went to my nanny's house for dinner
out of all my memories
spending time with my whole family
will always be a winner

It's not about the money you spend
it's about the time you spend
Memories are more expensive
Then the latest Apple trend

I wish you all a lovely Christmas day
Take lots of pictures
and play board games after tea
as you all relax by the tree.
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