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2 characters talk about their wedding day
"When were you born, precisely?" I asked her.
"I'm the girl of June," Janet said.
"So June is your month of birth," I said.
She nodded.
"I'm the boy of October," I told her.
"What is your year of birth?" Janet asked.
"I was born in 1959," I told her.
"That's my year of birth too," she told me.
"My exact date is October 3rd in 1959," I told her.
"My exact date is June 15th in 1959," she told me.
"Don't you think it's too much? I mean...I can't give you the summer wedding you'd deserve."
"Who says I want summer wedding?" Janet asked.
"What do you mean?"
"We have four seasons," she said.
"I know, but I'd hate to freeze in church in the middle of winter, not to mention watching you freezing in some beautiful but not so warm wedding dress would be unbearable."
"I understand your point. And I'd hate to see you to become sick just after our wedding," Janet said.
"So what do we do with this?" I asked her.
"Now it's January 1980. I'll turn 21 next June. You'll turn 21 next October. Once we're 21, we're ready to say "I do!", she said.
I looked at the calendar. No, the end of the year 1980 wouldn't be the right time. But when I looked at the next year's calendar, I found a few suitable dates.
"There's one memorable Saturday in February 1981, February 14th," I told her.
"We could consider that," Janet said.
"Or then May 9th," I told her.
"That's worth considering too," Janet said. "At first I thought I don't want to share it with anyone else but you. Just the day for us."
"Have you reconsidered that?" I asked.
"A bit," she said. "I mean...sharing it with someone else could help us to remember."
"That's one thing to consider," I told her.
I turned the page of calendar until I saw June.
"Midsummer is June 20th, and it's Saturday next year," I told her.
"I wonder, if anyone wants to come to our wedding then. It may be a hot day," she said.
I heard she was anxious.
"Come on, Janet! At least your parents and my parents will come. I couldn't even imagine getting married with the woman of my dreams without my parents."
Now Janet smiled and looked at me.
"I think exactly the same. I've always wanted Mom and Dad to see when I walk down the isle. Dad has said he wants to walk me down the isle to his future son-in-law."
I turned my attention back to the calendar.
"August," I muttered. "The last summer month."
"It wouldn't be so hot," Janet said. "We could take that."
"Yeah. If we take a less popular day, it will make it easier for us and our families. We just need to find a judge who will agree to come and marry us."
"So which day do we take? I mean..,.I can't make invitations, if I don't know the exact date."
"August 30th," I said.
"That's our day then," Janet said and smiled.
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