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by Naomi
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What true friendhip means to me...
The fullest expression of myself is by reaching out to others and by doing so, I gain friends all around, friends from all walks of life.

In friendship, I am destined to learn about what my soul yearns for and that is the experience of having the real treasures of my heart, TRUE FRIENDS.

For me, honesty and trust must be willingly and mutually to be given in friendship. Each friend is valuable to me. I am so blessed to have so many honest and trusted friends in life.

I have friends near and far. For me, distance does not matter knowing that
my road has many branching paths.
What I pray is that I see these paths clearly in good times and in bad times, giving and taking the goodness of each heart. I believe that my life counts on their lives and that their lives count in mine.

What I sow is what I reap, meaning, that if I want friends, I need to be a

Money, wealth and success are important , but, I also acknowledge the richness that comes from having true
friends and most of all to set myself as my own best friend and place myself as the list of Top Priority, believing in the song lyrics that sings :
" If I have only one friend left , I want it to be you" and that very special You is myself.

As I reach out to alll my friends in this beautiful world, I need to reach out to
myself first, loving myself first, respecting and honoring myself first.
In that way , I gain the love and respect from others, especially my friends.

Love to friends when based on mutual respect and understanding will never drain of my resources. My FUND of LOVE is always being replinished because my act of loving my friends
generates more love and respect and my rewards are greatest possible.

I firmly believe that good friends care for each other, close friends understand each other, but, TRUE
FRIENDS stay forever, beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time.

A friend caring for another friend truly represents life's greatest value and to make a difference in my True Friend's lives, I do not have to be rich, brilliant , beautiful or perfect, I just have to

GOD put the right friends in my life, at the right time and for the best reason.
When GOD provides, He also guides.

Being LOYAL is one of the most important traits that I value in friendship. By being honest, it shows that I value our friendship and that I want it to last forever.

The true test of loyalty in friendship is to stand strong for my friend in the midst of chaos and misery. Loyalty is a treasure worth more than any gold or precious jewels.

TRUE FRIENDS is one of the reasons why I considered this world a beautiful place. They are a reminder of my life's
best moments and greatest adventures.

TRUE friendship is faithfulness to one another, not even death can diminish or divide. I found loyal friends and I keep them. They are rare and as pure as the white clouds rolling in the sky. Precious as the stars, the moon and the sun. I love them beyond forever.

To all my friends in this world, let me greet you a heartfelt :
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