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Refrain(RF): I could be good to somebody.
But I ain't bad at bein alone .

1) I live on 10acres of Georgia's finest,most of it covered with hardwood and pines.
I mow bot 4 an a1/2 acres every other week,
No I don't live in no mansion high on a hill,fact is I live in a valley in a 3 bedroom double wide,I got 2 guest rooms but ain't figured out why.


2)My Momma taught me to keep a clean house.
But I gotta admit every now and then it looks run around.
I'm sittin at the house, drinkin a cold 1 on a Saturday night, talking out loud to the trees an little critters ,Everything in sight.
I want a conversation with somebody who answers back,
I want a conversation with someone but my plants.


3)I would love to give somebody all of my time,but I let that go for bein a fool In my mind.
All the mistakes I've made are behind me now,
they are the very foundation that I stand on,
they make me a better man.
I know how to take care of you but I ain't lookin round...but if the good lord puts you In my arm's then I would be proud.

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