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A gang with a plan and a government with with a plan. Will the asteroid stay it's course?
"Time to set off this rocket. Once it explodes the asteroid will be history," gang master Joe said.

"All set. We have the technology but I can't understand why it's forbidden to have," gang grunt Weasel said.

"I don't understand that either. But I'm confident with this rocket," gang master Joe said.

The rocket sputtered and grunted before roaring into life. The buildings surrounding the rocket shook as it lifted into the air. The news about the asteroid was clear and the gang had been preparing for it to happen. They were tired of trying to convince the government to do something. They cared about the Earth and was willing to die trying. Nothing could survive impact this time. They had a goal to deflect the asteroid despite how tiny their rocket was. Will it work or was the asteroid too big to deflect?

"An illegal rocket detected. Its course is detected to head straight to the incoming asteroid. What is your plan sir?" AI Alex asked President Macho as he tapped his pen on the table and grunted.

"Activate the rockets. And it is time. 30,000 children along with 10,000 adults should go underground. 100,000 young adults should go to outer space and circle the Earth. Unlimited renewable resources should be available freely for them. Then there is the false shelters along with food in major cities. Those people won't survive though. It's my duty to provide best comfort for them. Now, I want the news on this illegal rocket," president Macho ordered.

Immediately on the big screen and image of a rocket appeared flying high in the sky, along with 10 missiles scattered about gathering to aim for the rocket. The president sighed as he thought what a ridiculous idea it was. This asteroid couldn't be deflected and any attempts might make things worse. The rocket was quite a bit faster than expected. The missiles looked like they were going to end up in outer space instead and that wasn't allowed either. He wanted that rocket stopped as fast as possible. Then he summoned AI Alex with a frown.

"Can you show me the progress on the evacuation? There isn't much time, the asteroid will soon make an impact. I care that my people get to safety quickly and the doors get shut," president Macho emphasized.

"Sure thing. For the record 15,000 children and 5,000 adults have been stowed away. 50,000 people got sent up into space. The asteroid will make impact in 24 hours. 50 foot walls are built around large cities and is anticipated to become 200 feet high," AI Alex said.

"Thank you for the update. It pleases me on how fast the things are moving. People will continue to live after the impact, though many not for long as Earth becomes uninhabitable. I can't believe it's happening in my life. Something I am not proud of," president Macho said.

Too late. Before he could order the missiles to back off both the rocket and missiles were in outer space. The asteroid was closer than ever before. Just as the evacuation was completed both the missiles and rocket exploded inside the asteroid. It broke into five smaller pieces but the largest piece still headed directly to Earth now with smaller pieces curving and following suit. It was too late to deflect the asteroid. The gang cheered only for a moment. When they heard the attack made things worse, they swore and packed up. Red and blue lights on their street meant they were about to be caught.

The asteroid fell through the atmosphere and down to Earth, destroying everything in its path. Families cried out as they embraced for impact and the TV screen only focused on the countdown to destruction. Nobody knew the new course of the asteroid since it got split into five. Thus the beginning of underworld life or space life. Not a drill the people could only expect things to grow worse. But there were heroes saved for the right time to become a leader of them all.

Prompt: An asteroid is coming and it can't be deflected. What happens as the hour grows near?
Word Count: 677 words
Contest: "The Science Fiction Short Story Contest
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