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My personal opinion. We live within a reactionary construct, just listen to our media.
Without love, Humanity has no future.
Nothing would truly exist at all.
What do we live and die for?
Why does life matter at all?
Heaven and Hell are concepts.
Possible destinations for you and me.
Some embrace hate, while others love.
Life’s not a game, set us free.

Living within a reactionary construct.
Is a mechanism born from hate.
Grinding out life from existence.
Life is our treasure we must cherish.
Equality is not just a concept.
Without it we’ll fail and fall.
A few try to govern through division.
Giving back nothing at all.

I’ve lived life without a home.
Holding back darkness with my soul.
Giving so others could heal.
Taking nothing and walking away.
Unity will erase all borders.
Liberty for each and everyone.
The value of any currency,
Is found within life itself.

We must change our focus.
For humanity to thrive and survive.
There’s no need for poverty,
All life’s sacred that’s the truth.
So let us all come together,
Through using common rules for all.
We could then adopt a currency,
Founded upon the love of life.

Your life is of infinite value.
Together we shall overcome evil.
Divided we shall all fail and fall.
To win back our collective future,
We must turn hate away. Today.
Together we must prepare a future,
To leave behind a living legacy.
This would allow for solutions,
Fixing our problems proactively.

Together we must work as one.

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