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Magic Words Contest - December 2022
2,501 Words - I am using the words from List #1 and List #2

Characters: Jasper Jinglesberry
Luellen Jinglesberry

Sorcerers: Spinster Dragonette
Ratanga Wrestlewoman

Wisdom Makers: Rockstone Pebbleton
Seabay Underwater

It began with a ripple of water, flowing in increments of bubbles. The bubbling sound rose to the height of a geyser. This was the birthplace of Seabay Underwater. Seabay Underwater knew everything there was to know about the seas and the bays. She knew beforehand about the journey that Jasper and Luellen Jinglesberry would take. She knew what the sorcerers, Spinster Dragonette and his female companion, Ratanga Wrestlewoman were planning. They wouldn't make their journey pleasant or nice. They wanted to make it as difficult as possible. Seabay's teacher was Rockstone Pebbleton, whose wisdom and knowledge of truth was his greatest asset.

Spinster Dragonette, along with the help of Ratanga Wrestlewoman, would beleaguer their journey with doom. No way was Jasper and Luellen Jinglesberry going to succeed in their quest for adventure.

Preparing to go on a magic carpet ride in space, Jasper and Luellen weren't anticipating any trouble. They would start their journey on May 19, 2025. This future endeavor would take place in the summer, and their expected return date would be in the winter around January 29, 2026. Twilights and Sprinkles would be their main attraction. What was fascinating about this, was that they were going to see the most beautiful magic carpet ride ever, through the use of a high-powered telescope. It would be beautiful beyond imagination. Its spectacular opulent sunshine would deliver a breathtaking view of memories galore (beautiful at that). This would only be ephemeral, being as they would have to leave it all behind.

The departure date is soon to arrive. It will be one month away, February 8, 2025. What would they have to wear on this trip? The answer would be from the penumbra of the planet they would land on. Their suit would have to be gray. This would be the perfect color for the sorcerers to attack. Gloom nation would overwhelm this journey, they would certainly see to that.

The launch day is finally here. Rockstone Pebbleton saw Jasper and Luellen brood throughout most of the trip. Rockstone gave Seabay instructions on how to cynosure their magic carpet in the right direction toward a hope that would conquer doom. They are on their way; the excitement was to fulfill their dream.

The first stop on their journey was in a vast forest filled with creatures, known as the Jungle-Kloppers. When they were spotted, confusion as to what they were, created chaos among them. The Jungle-Kloppers appeared, surprised to see the visitors dressed in gray. They were planning an attack to capture them, tormenting them by saying that there wasn't any way that they could leave this vast forest, known as "Pine Needle National Park. Jasper and Luellen were there for a month, and the days ahead seemed hopeless. The Jungle-Kloppers said to the Jingleberrys, "Where do you think you're going? There's no way, no how, that you're going to leave this place. Dressing in gray was the wrong choice to make. Don't even think about escaping".

Luellen was frightened when she said, "Well, Jasper and I are on a journey; it's supposed to be a happy time for us. If we're forced to stay here, it would surely dampen our spirits. What are you planning to do for us?

Jasper said, "Try to calm down, honey. Think about our journey ahead; this is a roadblock only, we'll get out of here. I am just as afraid as you are. Keep looking up; together we'll be able to do this. Don't let Spinster Dragonette and Ratanga Wrestlewoman spoil our adventure".

Luellen said, "All right, I will do my best to hold it together. It sure is a sticky situation, being at Pine Needle National Park".

Spinster Dragonette wanted Jasper and Luellen to experience Doom Nation. He spoke to them again, saying, "You've arrived here wearing a gray suit. You will experience doom. The heaviness of gloom will rain down upon you. The storms here will leave you feeling desperate. You won't be able to run, and you won't be able to hide". Jasper and Luellen were trembling; they tried hard not to let depression get them down

Seabay Underwater brought hope to the Jinglesberrys by saying to them, "Keep believing in this journey you're on. You will encounter some problems along the way, but, by having faith, you'll be able to overcome the harsh words coming from the Jungle-Kloppers. Stay strong. Be brave.

They were about to give up when a twinkle in the eastern sky appeared. There was a sparkle of wisdom
from Rockstone Pebbleton that shone in the sky, which said, "Brooding over the darkness will not get you out of your misery, but, with an ounce of hope, you can conquer the heaviness that's sealed around you". At this point, having hope was nearly impossible. This is when Seabay Underwater would do her job of bringing hope during the twilight hours. When the sun was going down, the twilight came around with a beautiful message that would comfort them with a way of escape.

Rockstone Pebbleton provided an opening for a cynosure inside the forest. The Jinglesberrys followed a path leading them out of the jungle, away from Spinister Dragonette and Ratanga Wrestlewoman. Mission accomplished. Jasper and Luellen were able to escape this part of their journey. They were so relieved.

The second stop on the journey would be at a place in the atmosphere, known as, "BlackHole Junction". on April 18, 2025, There were black holes everywhere. It was a nightmarish place that left a sinking place inside of you. It was like Ratanga Wrestlewoman was going to beleaguers them with soldiers trained in terrorizing people with methods that no one would ever have thought of. Before these soldiers would appear, there was a sparkle of excitement for Jasper and Luellen. After using these strategies, the army of soldiers was about to devise another clever strategy that would end their journey.

On this phase of the journey, Rockstone Pebbleton and Seabay Underwater would put together a party, welcoming a break from the doom that the Jingleberrys found themselves in. Out in space, they would have a brilliant time enjoying asteroids, stars, moonbeams, twilight, and sprinkles. A waterfall ripple gave them an act of gratitude. They looked forward to blasting the asteroids in the universe out of commission. They wouldn't bother them with fear. Fear, they found, wasn't worth hanging on to. Freedom from the penumbra gave them hope for the rest of the journey. Gazing at the stars, romance between them sparked. They loved each other more than ever. While moonbeams glittered at twilight time, sprinkles during the night created the mood for dancing and dancing they did. Feeling like children again, they enjoyed their time together. Everything was going well.

When daybreak followed, after being there for two months, a volcanic eruption would prevent them from taking off. The sorcerers created the eruption to hold them captive at Black Hole Junction. The lava from the eruption would follow them wherever they went. They were also terrorized by the volcano, which spoke to them in a very deep and menacing voice. This would continue for another two months. There was an ugliness that left them fearing the torrential voices from the volcano's main threat; the flow of lava. The lava flowed with such force, that it haunted them ferociously. There's nothing worse than having a talking volcano with threats of lava to engulf you with an extreme amount of heat, sure to swallow you up, never to be seen again. Being chased by the lava and hearing the voices from the volcano, would be reason enough to develop some methods of survival.

What would Jasper and Luellen do to survive? No worries, Rockstone and Seabay would help plan their strategy. Because water is able to drown out a fire, Seabay would throw an abundance of water on the lava, enough for them to be able to walk across the lava to a safe spot. Then, a fire extinguisher would cause the eruption to decline to a more peaceful state. The eruption fell asleep for nearly five hours. Wow! What a relief for the Jingleberrys! When the Jingleberrys were close to Mount Safetyness, Rockstone created a landslide to provide a walkway for Jasper and Luellen to reach a hideaway where they could remain safe for two more days.

Ratanga Wrestlewoman planned a way to wrestle Luellen to the ground. Luellen was not a fighter; she had no expertise in this area. The moment arrived when Luellen was abruptly attacked. Luellen was thinking that she would surely die when she saw her muscles expand with a strength that was unbelievable. This gave her the courage to fight a peaceful battle without harming no one. She was surprised by the fact that this was happening; she had the feeling that someone or something was protecting her. There was no explanation for feeling that way. Suddenly, a miraculous thing happened which provided the Jingleberrys to escape their time of horror. When the two months were up, a tantalizing experience arose that went beyond anyone's imagination; a thunderbolt appeared in the form of a coach, designed to take Jasper and Luellen to the third stop on their journey. The soldiers lost the battle.

The third stop on their journey was at the Rejuvenation Revival Resort. This was a place to revive and rejuvenate themselves before continuing on with their journey. They arrived at the resort with sprinkles of twilight. This was a sign to get them in the spirit to share happiness with those around the world. They will be staying at this place for two months.

It is June 8, 2025. They would leave the resort on August 14, 2025. At the Rejuvenation Revival Resort, they could relax and unwind. The first month was easily spent getting massages, working out in the gym, and doing aerobic exercises to music. Taking your mind off of stress was what this place was all about. Meditating on the good things in life put their mind at ease. What could possibly go wrong at this kind of place?

The second month was entirely different. When Luellen worked out, her weights suddenly began to crack, (like a fire crackling in the fireplace). There was no reason for this to happen. Appearing in the gym was a hideous-looking creature. This creature had the legs of a frog, the arms of a porcupine, the body of a penguin, and the head of a sea anemone. This was the work of Ratanga Wrestlewoman, who couldn't stomach the fact that Luellen was looking good. She was a woman overcome with jealousy. She told Spinster Dragonette what was going on. Spinster was seething with anger, so much so, that his face turned a bright red. The creature said to Jasper and Luellen Jingleberry, "Hey, I'm a creature that's hideous. I'm mad as a hornet at you. You aren't allowed to lift weights, pretty lady".

Jasper and Luellen felt terrified by the threats. Jasper said to Luellen, "Remember what Rockstar and Seabay said to us about being kind to them. It's going to be hard, but we're going to do it. Don't be afraid."
Luellen replied, "You are right, Jasper, by being nice to this creature would be our method of survival. Let's do it, we can do this.

What was the purpose for Spinster to have such animosity toward the Jinglesberrys? It was pure and simple; there was no way that they wanted them to be excited on this journey. Ratanga was certain that this creature would rip them to shreds. This would be the demise of Jasper and Luellen Jinglesberry. Nothing would make them happier.

The wisdom makers, Rockstar Pebbleton, and Seabay Underwater needed to develop a plan to protect the Jinglesberrys from harm thinking that since this creature appeared in the gym, it would have to do with the workout equipment. They thought that they would make the weights squishy; it could scare the creature away. Somehow, it would give a message to the creature that it wasn't as ferocious as it thought it would be.; it ended up running away.

Jasper and Luellen departed on August 14, 2025, to the next stop on their journey. They would go to the Free-spirited Carpet Space Ride Lot. This would be the last part of their journey. It would be fun, exciting, thrilling, and awe-inspiring.

Getting a look at all the makings of the universe, they couldn't wait to get on board for this ride through space. They would be doing this for the next four months.

Twilight and Sprinkles were all around the sky; the beauty of it all was breathtakingly awe-inspiring. Looking at the planets and stars reminded them of pleasanter days. It renewed the spark of romance between them. On this journey, amazingly enough, there wasn't anything that got in their way. They weren't terrified anymore.

They are to arrive as scheduled, on January 29, 2026. It would be in the winter when they returned. They touched down as scheduled.

Jasper and Luellen Jinglesberry had many stories to tell about their adventure in space. It was hard for them to share the dilemmas they faced while on this trip, but, the last four months were relaxing, enjoyable, loving, and awe-inspiring.

Twilights and Sprinkles, the most awe-inspiring sights to see, and the magic carpet ride through space were absolutely wonderful. That made up for the awful encounters that had taken place. Thanks to the Wisdom-Makers, Rockstone Pebbleton, and Seabay Underwater, they were kept from the dangers that they were in; they were being watched over. Hopefully, the Sorcerers, Spinster Dragonette, and Ratanga Wrestlewoman had learned a lesson from all this. It is best to have magic that is good, rather than to have magic that is bad.

It was a romantic experience seeing the twilights and sprinkles on their magic carpet ride through space. They learned a thing or two from their experience; they learned to be nicer to each other. By doing so, any fear that they would encounter could be eliminated by treating the fear with kindness.

Jasper and Luellen lit a candle to relax. This would bring warmth by melting the ice-cold fear that they have encountered. Their life was happier now than it was before. All the terrifying voices that were heard, wouldn't be haunting them anymore; they were at peace.

All of Jasper and Luellen's pent-up energy was put to good use. Would they ever go on a journey like this again? Together, in unison, they said, "When you are kind to someone or something, all hatred can be resolved by not showing its ugly head. Standing on solid footing can make a huge difference. Believe this, we've experienced it for ourselves.

The End.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Preferred Author
December 24, 2022

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