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Guess Who is Coming For Christmas

Guess who is coming for dinner

Sam Adams had a surprise
Guest of their Christmas dinner

He told his family
That they had a special guest
Coming to spend Christmas

Sam ran a popular UOP theme
Restaurant in Berkeley
Which had signs proclaiming
Space aliens drink for free

One day three mysterious strangers
Came into his bar
And demanded free drinks
As they had traveled a long distance

Sam asked for proof
that they were space aliens
They smiled and shifted shape
Until at last, they revealed
They were reptilian creatures

Sam smiled and said
That was good enough for him
And gave them their free drinks

And invited them to spend
Christmas with his family
The next day.

The next day
The aliens arrived
Flying to his house
In their spaceship.

The three aliens
Were amused
And delighted at the invitation

They spend the dinner
Beguiling his family
And friends with their tales
Of inter-stellar travel

At the end of the night
They made arrangements
To take them all for a spin

And they went
Off into space
His son putting it all
On tik tok

SPECIAL NOTE: Tomorrow Bianca will host a holiday edition of Poetry Week! Until then, here is the winner and new prompt, due before noon on Dec. 25. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Today's winner is:

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#2287207 by Maddie Snow Angel-Stone (22)

NEW PROMPT DUE 17 hours 13 minutes 44 seconds
Write your story or poem about someone bringing an unexpected guest to their family Christmas Dinner. Choose FAMILY as one of your genres.

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