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Butch drew the escape plan on the sand.

“Okay? Do you understand? Now remember, we need to keep this on the ‘q.t’.”

“What the heck does that mean?”

Butch sighed. His buddies were so clueless. Really clueless.

“You really don’t know what that means? Really?”

Mark had that ‘deer in the headlights look’. Blank. Totally blank.

“Nope. No clue.”

Butch groaned.

“Me either. Tell me,” Billy begged.

“Okay, you nerds. Our plan is secret. We tell no one. When you want no one to know your plan, you say, ‘this is off the record’. That way, no one turns on the tape player, or the stenographer doesn’t get it on paper.”

“What’s a tape player?”

“What’s a steno-gaffer?”

Butch slapped his head. But then, he thought, their plan was secure since the plotters were ignorant. It’s hard to tell anyone about their plan if they didn’t understand it.

“Good news. We’ve got a good plan. Carry on, no worries.” Butch smiled at his friends. The duo smiled back and nodded, just like two bobbleheads.

“Never mind. We’ll just dazzle ‘em with our footwork.” Butch said as he erased the plan with his foot.

W/C 195

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