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Imaginary fantasy-reality short sayings
                             Not every women is a fairy,
                             but every one can be.

         In the circle of light there is a tall tree,
a swing on which a small girl with a little white goat.
The Fairy of Light descends to them.
The swing is swinging higher and higher
Around the circle is very very dark .

          A fairy should always have flower seeds
in her pocket.

         Every fairy must have a garden. Well, at least
a very small garden, it can even be just tiny,
but the real one .

         A fairy holds her energy in a fist,
like money, and doesn't waste in vain . :))

         When a fairy creates something or heals
she loses a lot of energy. Overcooled, she
freezes like a butterfly and might even die.

         Every fairy knows that the body is only
her home which is in need of care.

         Fairies love to sleep. In dreams they fly away to other
dimensions and there are also many things to do .

         On Christmas, the Fairy got herself a new pair of wings,
to be even more brave and free. And she even bought one more
a slightly smaller pair of wings for one little girl.

         When a fairy dies she flies away like a butterfly,
leaving just a lifeless cocoon on the ground.

- What do fairies do?
- Heal.
- Whom?
- Themselves. Fairies also write magazines.
- And why?
- To remain fairies...

         Fairies' houses are a little dusty - you know, fairy dust. ))

         Where the Sun Rises.

The fairy walked and walked bravely pushing a barely visible
path with her feet.

" Where are you going?" asked a random grasshopper.

"Somewhere over the hills the sun is rising," said the Fairy.

"But doesn't the Sun rise in the east?," rolled his eyes a little
surprised grasshopper.

"On the East, it's for men," the Fairy whispered, "for women
the sun rises on the West.

         ( I think what the fairy meant is that emancipation to
         women comes from the West)

                             * * *

         "Before I fly away and perhaps forget about everything,” the fairy
thought, “I need to write a book about what I have learned here so
when I return, I will be able to read it and I will remember everything.
Yes, definitely, I have got to do that."

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