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We have been friends for 11 years
Me, who came from north
Nearly all I came across, I find to be noth
Actions of my superiors, make me feel mire
Some of my associates, are gone expire
I live in a city, where the crowd grows larger
I pray to God: I am a loner, so make me stronger
In writing poetry, I learned to cure the fever
Pulling myself together, I want to go higher

You, Simone
Your stories, I keep in my inventories
Your moral stories, I can recall in categories
I could never write a story skillfully
You taught me, how to do it magically
Your continuous cognition, helped me chronically
And now, I write a story truthfully
We both can take optimistically

You Simone; all alone
Sometimes, you wander walking alone
Solely, trusting yourself to the bone
You have a history, that you try to atone
Sundown, and you start to bemoan
Bravely and alone, you faced the cyclone
In that past, you were left to be an unknown
Fate brought us together, to be known
I can sympathize, your request to walk alone
You, I highly admire, I won't let you be just gone!

Yesterday, in an instant
You said, you wanted to walk alone
Hearing that, hurt me to the bone
And I'm forced to breath in a blown
All my wet dreams, dried out in an instant
But you, I won't let go even to a distant

You know
You can ask for help any day
I can plan ahead without delay
You're my precious, I can never betray
All your worries can go far away
So tell me your wish straight away

What do you say?
You wish to see Norway?
Just sit back,
I'll cut you some slack
Have some tea,
I'm your appointee
Don't be depressed,
All the danger I can arrest
You can just read,
And I'll simply lead
You can play,
As I stay with you all the way
You can pray,
As I keep the monsters at bay!

Oh, Simone!
You're unable to cross the road, due to a heavy stone
I can pave that path, decorated in curbstone
Name your quest, it won't go postpone
I send songs for you via Dictaphone
You have made me a baritone
I think of you as a gemstone
With you, I want to go for a walk, in the Yellowstone
But Oh, Simone
Never say you want to walk alone!

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