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Personal. My creativity on open display.
By living your life through actions benefiting others,
Builds a house from love and light.
More precious than that of anything material.
I dwell within this construct of mine,
Sharing what I create from time to time.

My many Wandering Thoughts often do take hold,
Framed with wisdom, born out of love.
A gift that I share for free.
Yet, within my internal mental construct,
My dreams are trapped for all to see.

Upon my eventual departure from your cherished company,
I shall leave these gifts of mine.
For others to learn, hold and own.
I shall still be with you all,
In the form of art from my heart.

Until I depart, I shall create more art,
And reap from the fields I’ve sown.
And reap from the fields I’ve sown.
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