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I guess this is something most of us can relate to, a rather sad one
I cannot take the entire world's weight on me
The world is too vast and beyond me
Growing up, I knew nothing but cruelty
I had no reason to be happy, or even to live
Led to believe, death is the only escape
Salvation could never come to me
But starvation was a daily thing for me

No matter the prayers or the cries
No man or women ever came up to me
Walking for miles and far away
Is the only thing I could do

Stealing to survive, running away faster
No one could catch up to me
Taste of chapatti, was enough to drive me crazy
A bowl of white rice, enough to make my mouth watery
Chunky sweet snicker chocolates
Worth more than gold to me

Taking a shower with warm water?
Literally meant the whole world to me
A homeless kitten on the road, befriending me
My travelling companion, sitting on my shoulder
My four legged friend, delighting me every day

Whatever happened, that was long ago
Whoever I was, only a distant memory
Whatever I am today, probably for the best
A warm bed for me to sleep
A home for me to live
A bathroom for me to get cleaned
A lovely bird to entertain me
A lonely mind, with golden thoughts
A lonely man who overcame the odds
Oh God, thank you for teaching me
To be strong in times of need
To be grateful in times of ease
Oh God, thank you for letting me be free
All because this world is just too much for me

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