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With brand new clockwork minions by her side, Lily feels she could do anything.
Lily examined her one eyed clockwork minions with pride in her heart. Now she wanted to operate them and use them for a mission and operating them would require pixie dust. She had read about clockwork minions and the potential they could do. They had the power to do good or evil. She wanted to teach them to do good. Her first mission for them wasn't going to be easy. A pixie flew by and she caught it.

"Grant me your dust for my minions to come to life and I will set you free," Lily demanded and the pixie shared its dust. Immediately the minions came to life. She let go of the pixie. "Now I'm sure you are bored trapped here. I will work with my newfound minions to free you. Pixies are wanted and I can see why. But I wish to do good and so this will be my first mission. It would be easier if you can go under a disguise."

The pixie appeared to think for a moment and then dressed up as a two eyed minion. Pleased, Lily called all her minions over to follow and watched for any leaders. They all seemed to look alike. The pixie seemed to blend in with her minions quite well. Then she opened the door and let them go out first. A husky came running up to her and her minions scattered in fear. The pixie was nowhere to be found as she calmed the husky down calling back her minions. The husky took interest in them but didn't harm them. The pixie was the last to reappear. Concerned Lily picked up the pixie.

"Now to go downstairs to the kitchen. Stay with my minions or mom might discover you and keep you," Lily said before lowering the pixie. "Not a toy,"

Slowly she progressed down the stairs along with her minions and pixie. The husky followed closely behind. As they reached the kitchen Lily heard her mom gasped and smiled. Her clockwork minions weren't sure what to do. Then her mother spoke up.

"Lily those are wonderful minions. They remind me of inside of clocks in a way. How did you get them to move?"

"Mom they run on batteries. I need to step outside for a moment and take some pictures. Is dad home yet?"

"No, he isn't. Go get some good pictures and I hope the batteries last."

"Thank you."

Lily led the way to the living room and then opened the front door. A giant wasp headed straight at the pixie. Scared, she grabbed some steam bottle and then sprayed at the wasp. Successful, the giant wasp flew away. Then the pixie took off the disguise and waved for her to follow. So she followed the pixie through the yard toward the chicken coop. The pixie stopped over an egg on the ground beside the fence. Curious, she picked it up. Immediately a Steampunk Space Dragon hatched from the egg. This one she could only tell the truth about. Excited, she marked her mission complete followed by a new mission- to care for the infant dragon and find its parents.

Prompt: Your Character has created his/her own clockwork minions. They may be used for good or evil…. which does he/she choose?
Word count: 525
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