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A true story of how I got a cat LOL
You came in a night,
Thunderstorm roaring over the night
Asking for safety, you were in a scare
For the thunder was a blare
Ran towards a corner to recover
Glade I let you in for the cover
Sitting down, licked yourself a groom
Calming down in the safe room

You stare, and I am aware
You are a rare, and that, I will declare
For you are now in my safe care
You keep smelling the air
Due to hunger, I could swear
Give you some of my food
As I could never be rude

You show me your gratitude
Emptying the plate: thanks dude!
Now you need your space
And that I will embrace
Leaving you in my place
I return to my workplace.

Came back in the morning
To see you greeting
You need to leave, I can believe
Opened the door, letting you relieve
And I kept asking you
“What's your name?”
And your answer is simple: meow!
“I can give you a nickname
But will you choose me as your fame?”

And your answer is simple: meow!

Running around in the backyard
jumping in the air, you are on guard!
Sometime later, you showed up with a lizard in your mouth;
hooman, take your reward!
In that very moment, I named you;

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