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You sometimes find love in the strangest places! Winner! Daily Flash Fiction 1/6/22

My Subaru spun out on ice. I didn’t see it coming. Then when I tried to get out, it looked like a sheet of glass. Ice so thin, so clear. No wonder that tire couldn’t grip, and my boots slid. Down I went.

“Are you okay?” A voice came to me while under the car. “All I see are two feet. Are you hurt?”

“Not really, just wet and cold.”

“Can you get out? Need help?”

I tried to move, but it was too slippery. Great.

“I guess if you could pull me out, that’d be great”

A few tugs and out I popped to find a guy dressed all in fancy suit and tie. I smoothed out my dirty jeans and shirt.

“Hey there. Are you okay? Lucky thing you missed that coulee over there.” He indicated the ditch next to the roadside. “I’m Roy, by the way. I drive this way every day.”

“Thanks. I’m on my way to the vet. Lucy’s in labor.” I pointed to my chocolate Lab in the back seat. “We’ve had a heck of a night. I’m Joan, by the way.”

“Okay, well, Joan, best you be getting on your way. You okay to drive? It’s pretty icy through here the weather guy said. Why don’t I follow you to make sure you get there alright.”

“If it’s not a bother.”

“No bother at all.”

“Alright, it’s ahead just a bit.” I got into the car, slowly made my way to the vet office, with Roy following.

At the office, he stopped and helped carry Lucy inside.

“Here’s my card, call me later, let me know how things go.”

I called to let him know about her six pups. He asked me on a date.

You sometimes find love in the strangest places.

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