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A state of positive enjoyment and focused entertainment - a guy living well - a poem.
A ritual state of climax;
Cool sights, driving home,
The sights and sounds of family’s
Familiar and screeching vagueness
In perpetuity.
Rounding up and out,
To protect the joy of nature -
The legs are strong,
As the leash in hand stands ready;
The role of computers
And social media compliment
The beauteous vision
Of the realms of working
And paying bills;
And physical activity draws people
Off of their couches
Into fitness centers
For a superb workout
For a few exhaustive hours
Of enjoyable breathing
And strenuous pushing
And lifting!

A can-do lifestyle -
Budgeted and packed with pets,
Friends, and wonderful trips;
Love gets the format -
The formulaic energy seen in the strength
And pattern of sunny days
And epic awareness;
The fishing and hiking is enjoyable
And decent,
And the afterthoughts
Of the big and small screen time
Fill the mind with excellence
And excitement…
A jovial partner’s spirited plays
Enjoin the person
In the entertainment
Of the meat and veggies
Of a loquacious deal -
Sipping beverages and climbing in
To the books, nooks, and studies
Of highest regard…

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