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A journey about land, sea, home and most of all; birds!
Drawing a map, travelling on the land

Crossing the Grassland, exclaiming the hinterland

Climbing mountains to the top, watching the beautiful scene

See the birds singing free, like our dreams we can agree

See the birds on the tree, sitting together they decree

Bathing in fountains on the ground, all the water in a profound

All our worries back in the home, see the flurries as we roam

The storm can come hail along, but together, we are strong and can stay warm

Far across the eyes can see, the sun is shining merrily

All the flowers can grow, coloring the plateau in aglow

The wind comes in a flow, spreading the aroma in a go

All the bee working together, they always pay the fee

Standing together like gee, building a home on the tree

Crossing the greenland, reaching the dry land

Walking the desert, feeling the heat at firsthand

An ocean of yellow sand, only the sun in command

A Hawk flying high in the sky, whistling bye bye

Don't you ever frown and let yourself be down

Together we belong, the adventure we can prolong

Far across the eyes can see, lays the calming sea

The waves are dancing, only the brave can go on advancing

Travelling with the wind, together we can keep singing

See the birds moving in a flock, working together only they hunt

An ocean of blue, the mysteries are true

An ocean of deep blue, of which we have no clue

Let the storm come and rain all along

The wind could be strong, but together, we can never go wrong

Travelling on the sea, crossing the icy sea

Reaching to a land covered with ice

Far across the eyes can see, the sun is hidden behind the breeze

A land colored in white, mountains reaching to the height

The wind blows with might, the danger you can hardly fight

A kingdom of unique, no mercy for the weak

Shh! There goes a snowy owl, flying as she howls!

Time to cross the sea, set the sails towards homeland

Let it be known, we are on our own, heading towards our home

Marking territories on the sea, with a guarantee

Drawing a map by the hand, we have crossed the land and the sea

Let it be known to our home, our journey that took us years long, finally we are coming home

The homeland our eyes can see, our loved ones are waiting happily

They are singing freely and dancing cheerfully

Like the birds we had seen, and that is a beautiful scene

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