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Prompt #3 Banana Blog entry
I would not mind being linked up with other monkeys so long as they are all really “in” and want to be there. I believe that if you are going to cause something best to do it together. Each person shares the same responsibility in whatever chaos is caused so no one is singled out.

I caused more chaos when I was younger than I do now. I would go to my best friend’s house, and we would have amazing parties while her mom and dad were out of town. We had so much fun planning these and getting wine coolers to drink. It was so fun to drink back then especially when you were underage. I loved how grown up we felt. Nowadays, drinking isn’t as much fun. Oh, I still do drink but mostly at my own home and as far as parties go, I haven't attended one in a while. Guess those days of wine coolers are long gone but not the chaos. I still find that there is always time for that especially when you have three adult children that are constantly getting into something.
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